The importance of order

It is clear that the environment in which we live affects us in our way of being and says a lot about us. It is during childhood when we lay the foundations of order and a correct mental structure: sleep schedules, meals and other daily activities. Childhood is the stage in which we acquire routines that will help us regulate our behaviors and emotions later on. And, the more organized the information is in our brain, the easier it will be for us to access it, as well as organize our thoughts and our environment.

Although maintaining good order has infinite benefits, the most important and notable are the following:

  • Increase productivity. By having all computers we will be more productive, since we will not have to waste time looking for things and our eyes and minds will not be scattered.
  • Increase motivation. Having everything in order can also make you more motivated. Without a doubt, it can provide us with a great contribution of energy.
  • Increase creativity. Our mind will be more predisposed to create and you will not have so many distractions.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety. We will be less susceptible to job stress or anxiety. Let us remember that by order we do not refer only to ordering material aspects, tasks must also be ordered, etc.
  • Increases health. As a sequence of reducing stress, anxiety or discomfort, health can increase.
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