The most viewed animes

During this month we have known anime, what it consists of, who sees it, and how this movement has created a new lifestyle for many people. Today we are going to analyze 5 of the most watched anime in the world to date, we are going to see a little of their plots and decipher why these animated productions attract so much the attention of viewers. The first thing we must bear in mind is that all these productions are part of the Shouen classification, for children 12-18 years old, a young population that predominates in anime culture. We can say mainly that they are consumers with time and that is why this type of series has greater views, but we could also see how this population is in search of developing a personality, their tastes and the way in which they express themselves, anime does not it is just a program, it is a community and for many a way of life. The appeal of anime lies in the notion of community, fantasy and diversity, not just entertainment, after all entertainment could be found anywhere.

We are going to count down seeing the top 5 of the most viewed animated series:

5. Pokemon: It was created by Satoshi Tajiri in the late 1980s and was actually born as a video game. Thanks to the series, it became a worldwide phenomenon in the 90’s and became a multimedia franchise that included toys, clothes, among others. Something that not many know is that the series was initially called Pocket Monster, which generated conflict with the distribution agency in the United States and for this reason it was named Pokemon.

4. Naruto: This anime aired from October 2002 to March 2017. It was created by writer and illustrator Masashi Kishimoto and is influenced by Japanese legends as well as their martial arts and religious beliefs. His success was so great that in 2015 he had a musical theater play in Japan and it is said that a live-action film in Hollywood would be in the works.

3. Doraemon: Yes, I am also surprised to find this series in this post, I could say that it is one of the anime that I remember the most from when I was little, I saw it even before pokemon, but it is so successful that in countries like Spain and the Dominican Republic has been broadcast uninterruptedly since its first broadcast. The story of this cosmic cat came as a manga at the beginning of the 70’s and at the end of it the anime was released. Doraemon was the first anime chosen as Japan’s ambassador in 2008, and it was chosen as one of the ambassadors for the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021.

2. One Piece: This anime has more than 700 episodes and continues to count, its author is Eiichiro Oda. It tells the story of a young man named Monkey D. Luffy, who is in search of an artifact called One Piece to become the King of the Pirates. In addition, Luffy was one of the ambassadors of the Olympic games in Tokyo 2021.

1 . In the number one place could not be other than Dragon Ball. Without a doubt, the creation of Akira Toriyama is the most famous anime and manga in Japan and is inspired by the novel Journey to the West, one of the great works of classical Chinese literature, published in 1950. I do not think it will surprise us when we are very young. or very old I can safely speak that they ever heard or watched this program either out of their own conviction or because of sharing with their grandchildren. Goku was also chosen as one of the ambassadors for the Olympic games.

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Anime classification

The good thing about the diversity we handle in the world is that everyone adopts a trend in their own way, they transform an idea to create a new concept and this, just as it has happened with thousands of artistic currents, has also happened with anime. We have already seen what anime is in general but today we are going to see a little of the different currents that this trend has created, we could see it in the following way, anime is a great culture that has been divided into small subcultures with different aesthetics and details that make it unique. Today we are going to see some of the anime rankings.

As well as in different films we can see that anime has classic classifications such as: action, romance, comedy, adventure, among others. But one of the main classifications that we are going to see are those of the public, since in Japan the film companies divide their productions by target audience depending on the age of the users. These classifications are:

-Shouen: Means “child” in literal translation from Japanese. This type of anime is aimed at a young male audience, between 12 and 18 years old. It is considered the most popular anime and manga classification. The history of shounen anime generally focuses on the development and journey of the hero. There may be shounens of various genres and sub-genres, however, action anime are the most common, or also the famous battle shounen. Some examples in this classification are: Naruto, Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac, Bleach and One Piece are some of the best known shounen anime.

-Shoujo: It means “girl” in its most literal translation. Shoujo anime is also aimed at young people, but mainly at women. The plot of the series generally features a girl as the protagonist, with the stories being more focused on dramas, romances, and other events that mark the development of women. Like shounen, shoujos can also come from different genres, such as mahō shoujo, a subgenre with warrior characters with magical powers. Besides Sailor Moon, other very popular anime in this genre are: Sakura Card Captor, Candy Candy and Ouran High School Host Club.

-Seinen: It means “adult”. As the name implies, these anime are made for a more mature audience, usually between 18 and 40 years old. The seinen are intended for men and contain complex themes that would not be appropriate for younger people. Violent scenes are also part of seinen productions. Some examples of this classification are: One Punch Man, Berserk, Ghost in the Shell, Tokyo Ghoul and Akira are some famous examples from anime seinen.

-Kodomo: Literally means “little children”. These are anime made with a focus on child audiences, as the name suggests, especially between the ages of 4 and 10. Kodomo stories often convey important lessons to younger people, like respecting older people, for example. The plots are simple and easy to understand. The importance of friendship and the appreciation of fraternal and family values ​​are also common in this type of anime. Some examples are: Hamtaro, Pokémon, Beyblade, Doraemon, and Heidi.

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Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions.

Aristotle, who lived from 384 BC to 322 BC, taught that the heart contained the intelligence. Except for a few guesses like this, he observed carefully. He described the habits and the bodily structure (anatomy) of many animals, birds and fish. Another Greek, Galen, who lived in the second century AD, performed biological experiments. Both careful observation of living things and experiments are used today in the study of biology. Galen observed and described the internal anatomy of the human body.-He described many parts that he saw in the body. But he was not always careful. He sometimes described what he expected to see and did not look carefully to see what was really there. For centuries after Galen, people studied anatomy from his books instead of trusting their own observations.


1. It’s obvious that Aristotle.

A) thinks that it is the brain which contains the intelligence
B) died in his sixties
C) observed only birds and fish
D) is both a great philosopher and a biologist
E) described both the habits and the structure of animals better than anyone else

2. A Greek scientist, Galen.

A) became more successful than Aristotle
B) studied the exterior parts of the body
C) sometimes depended more on his ideas than observation
D) lived in Greece during his whole life-time
E) adapted the works of Aristotle

3. It can be inferred from the passage that.

A) there is a strong link between Galen and Aristotle in terms of friendship
B) Galen studied the external part of the body while Aristotle studied the internal part
C) the studies of Aristotle couldn’t satisfy the expectations of people
D) Galerrand Aristotle have been influential in the following centuries
E) people never trusted the knowledge of Galen


  1. B
  2. C
  3. D

Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions.

Earthquake is a sudden movement in Earth’s crust which produces vibration. These vibrations may be detectable only by sensitive instruments called seismographs, or else they may kill thousands as they destroy cities. Many earthquakes are caused when rocks move along faults. Severe earthquakes are most common near the edges of the “plates” in the Earth’s crust, such as around the Pacific Ocean, along the mid-Atlantic ridge and in the Mediterranean and South- West Asian regions. They occur when the plates move. So me earthquakes are caused by volcanic action, explosions and other factors, Earthquakes under the sea trigger off huge waves called tsunamis.


1. According to the passage.

A) rocks move when the earthquakes occur
B) seismographs may devastate cities if not detected
C) earthquakes are caused by huge waves called tsunamis
D) earthquakes are more likely to happen where there are faults
E) sudden movements in the earth’s crust are called volcanic eruptions

2. It’s obvious in the passage that.

A) many big cities are founded upon the faults
B) big cities are more likely to confront earthquakes
C) the Pacific Ocean is the most likely place for the earthquakes
D) movement of rocks along the faults trigger tsunamis
E) Earth’s most perilous places are the Pacific Ocean, the Mid-Atlantic, South-West Asia and the Mediterranean

3. We can understand from the passage that.

A) some of the volcanic blasts are caused by earthquakes
B) tsunamis are more likely to exist in the Mediterranean and the Mid-Atlantic
C) severe earthquakes cannot be detected beforehand
D) movements of plates leads to big earthquakes
E) faults are created by the detectable vibrations


  1. D
  2. E
  3. D

Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions.

Pride and Prejudice, by far the most popular of all Jane Austen’s novels, requires no detailed description. Jane Austen said of it that it “is rather too light, and bright, and sparkling; it wants shade,” and this is perhaps the reason for its popularity. The precision and vivacity of style carry the reader through the novel with ease and spirit; there is a sparkling life about the characters and rainwashed freshness about the scenery which combine to make this gayest of Jane Austen’s novels, in spite of deeper overtones which emerge when Charlotte Lucas agrees to marry Mr. Collins or when Lydia is discovered to have run off with Wickham with no prospect of marriage. The speed and ski ii with which the author moves into the story is remarkable.


1. According to the passage, Pride and Prejudice.

A) doesn’t need elaborate explanation
B) is the most famous novel in English literature
C) doesn’t require shade to be understood by the readers
D) is popular due to its vivacity of style
E) doesn’t want popularity by the readers

2. It’s implied in the passage that.

A) there is no promising life about the characters in the novel
B) Lydia and Wickham become happy after they have married
C) Charlotte Lucas had an unhappy life with Mr. Collin’s
D) Jane Austen doesn’t comment on her own book
E) the landscape of the novel adds lively atmosphere into it

3. Author Jane Austen confessed.

A) that she didn’t write the novel on her own
B) the reasons why Pride and Prejudice is so popular
C) the ugliness of her novel
D) her own skill and ability to affect public
E) same solutions about Lydia’s marriage


  1. A
  2. E
  3. B

Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions

A recent opinion poll discovered that many people were very concerned about the amount of sex and violence depicted in movies, television shows, and popular music. This poll also discovered, however, that most people thought that individuals should take responsibility to correct the problems. The vast majority favored such solutions as tighter parental supervision, warning labels on records, and voluntary self-restraints by entertainment companies. Only 27 per cent favored government censorship. At the same time, there was growing concern about the impact of television on children. Research has shown that by the time our children reach age 18, they have spent more time watching television than in school. The problem was that our television system was attuned to the marketplace. Children are treated as a market to be sold to advertisers at so much money per thousand eyeballs.


1. According to the reading, to prevent the bad effects of television, only a minority.

A) support individual action
B) say parents should supervise their children
C) believe in the necessity of censorship applied by governments
D) think television companies have to control their own broadcasting
E) require the records be put labels

2. It is stated in the passage that.

A) many people think pop music videos are not so violent as movies
B) movies today are a good means to show the young the possible dangers awaiting for them in the real world
C) parents believe there should be more TV shows on television suitable for the young’s sexual education
D) television has covered more place in an eighteen-year-old teenager’s life than school
E) parents believe schools are the places where our children first learn what violence is

3. It is emphasized in the reading that.

A) many children have eyesight problems due to watching television excessively
B) children are a main focus of the advertisers
C) there are not enough advertisements on television
D) our television shows should be designed according to our children’s preferences
E) children should learn what to watch on television at school


  1. C
  2. B
  3. D

Reading comprehension

Read the text and answer the questions

A book has just been published to help parents to deal with their children’s naughty behavior at home. The author, Dr James Bruno, says that the first positive discipline technique is for parents to remain calm because nervous parents don’t get good results. Parents who cannot often remain calm find that their children stop taking any notice of them. The second challenge is to know how to correct bad behavior in an effective way. For instance, punishing children by preventing them from watching their favorite TV program is not an ideal solution. Dr Bruno believes parents should establish clear rules for children to follow. If children refuse to follow these, they know they will be disciplined. Finally, the most effective way of encouraging good behavior is to give positive feedback as often as possible, to show that it is not only naughtiness that attracts attention.


1. According to the article, when parents get angry too often.

A) they yell at their children to make them obey an order
B) they tell them off in front of their friends
C) children often act as if they didn’t hear them
D) they utter increasing number of verbal warnings
E) children get scared and obey their parents

2. The author of the book seems to suggest that in order to discipline children, parents first of all should.

A) find an effective way to correct their children’s behavior
B) treat them as harshly as possible
C) stop beating them
D) not lose their temper
E) teach them how they have to behave themselves

3. We learn from the reading that.

A) clear rules which are set by the parent must be followed by the children unconditionally
B) restricting the activities that children like doing is not useful when disciplining a child
C) giving feedback all the time is not advised when correcting bad behavior
D) he book by Dr James Bruno helped the parents a lot who try to discipline their naughty children
E) the best punishment for naughty children hasn’t been suggested in Dr Bruno’s book


  1. C
  2. D
  3. B