Explaining racism to our children

As parents, one of our main missions and goals is to teach our children to grow in values, to be happy and to enjoy life as never before. We could say that since we live in the 21st century, acceptance is a concept that lives in our day-to-day lives, each time we become more tolerant accepting that the differences make us unique and wonderful. Not for this reason we must assume that concepts such as “discrimination” and “racial prejudice” have already disappeared from our lives, we surround ourselves every day with judgments among us human beings, from thinking and judging a person for his way of dressing until assaulting someone verbally or physically, we are either undermining the integrity of a person, whether they know it or not. As human beings by possessing physical characteristics we have granted ourselves the power to judge others and to pass over each other by believing ourselves superior, throughout history we have seen events that have determined the life course of many people who have . tried to make the world better but they have not been recognized or supported by their race, country of origin, gender, beliefs, among others. That is why today in 123pormi we want to remind and encourage you to teach our children to accept others and not to forget the history that they have determined who we are today. Sigue leyendo “Explaining racism to our children”

Sleeping in the same bed as your baby

When you are little you have the habit of wanting to be accompanied or with your parents constantly, even when it is time to sleep. It brings us not only tranquility, but that feeling of protection and support, as if everything bad in the world disappears. From my personal experience, I could tell you that when I was little I had a little sleep alone, I had constant nightmares where I woke up at night crying, I had to sleep with the light on or my mother had to stay with me until I could reconcile my dream. For me the most anticipated day was Friday, since I could pass my mattress to my parents’ room for a weekend pajamas. We all have different sleeping habits, for some parents it is difficult to let their children sleep alone and for others it is easy and they prefer to accustom their children from small to sleeping in their own space. Sigue leyendo “Sleeping in the same bed as your baby”

Why making mistakes is good

Something that as human beings we must recognize and teach our children is that we eventually make mistakes, we usually make decisions that we regret at the moment, time after realizing that it was a mistake or we just don’t want to acknowledge that we were wrong, but whether we accept them or not, there they will be no matter how much we want it to happen. Just as we are good at making mistakes, we are also good at hiding them and denying that they exist, but I want to assume that they have heard from famous phrases such as “It is wise to make mistakes,” because we probably teach our children and ourselves that we are wrong with mistakes. we get up and that we learn from them, but we must recognize that there is nothing more difficult than recognizing defeat and less in front of oneself when we realize that our consciousness has failed us and that we have allowed ourselves to make a mistake. Sigue leyendo “Why making mistakes is good”

Tales and books that inspire

Today we want to talk to parents about a children’s story that has caught our attention, not only because it is entertaining and fun, but because they inspire little readers to be better and to explore a world full of entrepreneurs and people who have changed the world. These stories are created by Eva Chen and Derek Desert, there are already three books: Juno Valentine and the magical shoes, Juno Valentine and the fanstastic fashion adventure (Juno Valentine and the fantastic fashion adventure and finally and the book that interests us the most A is for awesome, this is an illustrated alphabetical book that tells how Juno Valentine knows the women who have most marked history. Sigue leyendo “Tales and books that inspire”

The importance of dance and music in children

Dance is a good resource not only to play and have fun with children but also to stimulate their physical and emotional development, when we dance and move we are not only having fun but also stimulating our gross motor skills. From a very young age we can see how when we play music and our son is present, it is as if the spark of inspiration ignites, they are not only happy but spontaneous movements begin to emerge, no matter if your child listens to instrumental music and begins to move as if it were salsa, that’s your imagination moving to the rhythm of the music.

Dancing is one of the activities that more pleasure can wake up in children. The child who dances rejoices and establishes a bond with his companion, be it a friend, his mother or his father. Your child makes connections from the transmission of affection and love and what better way to do it than through fun, dancing and movement around the rhythm of a beautiful melody. The most beautiful thing about dancing in children is that they do it without worries, there is no reason to be ashamed and this is what allows them to enjoy it even more.

If you wonder why this reflection of children in front of music, I will explain a bit: According to an investigation by Marcel Zentner and his colleagues at the University of York, we are born with a disposition to move in response to music. The study was conducted by observing a group of babies and young children, between five months and two years of age. According to Zentner, it is the rhythm rather than the melody that produces an answer, their reactions go to the side of a smile, even “the more they synchronize their movements with the music, the more the children smile.” So it drives and stimulates your children To enjoy the idea of ​​moving to the rhythm of music, teach and show how fun it is to enjoy it.

Some of the advantages of dancing in children:

-Favors stability and sense of balance.

-Promotes the coordination, memory and concentration of your children. A study from the University of Wyoming says that the more coordination skills in front of the dance your child has, the better his mathematical abilities will be.

-Contributes to the sense of rhythm and musical hatred.

-The best reason is that it stimulates self-esteem, allows your child to be happier and to be inspired.



The beauty of sign language and braille

Communication is essential to ensure and maintain good relationships in all areas of our lives, particularly in the family, work and with the people closest to us. Understanding and making oneself understood is an art that facilitates coexistence and harmony in all aspects of our life. We can easily lose sight of the fact that communication enters the field of values, and sometimes we forget that not everyone has all our abilities and skills. But this does not mean that they do not take advantage of all the possible tools to communicate with the people they love and all those around them. Everyone who approaches us considers that he has something important to tell us: to express an idea, have a courtesy or make the moment more pleasant; participate in your feelings and concerns; Ask for our advice and help. Well, today we will talk about a method of communication that not everyone knows or appreciates enough: Sign language. Sigue leyendo “The beauty of sign language and braille”

Hearing problems in children

For us it is not a mystery that some people are born with obstacles in their lives, some of these obstacles come in the form of disability. When you are born with this disability, children do not recognize what it is like to live without it, but as a parent it can be frustrating to see our children go through a situation that we do not want anyone, as a person the first advice I offer you to calm down, remember that everything what you feel, your children can feel it too. You must recognize that the last thing you should do is lose hope and you should teach your child to fight to get ahead and overcome his disability, today we will talk about hearing impairment. Usually, this problem occurs at birth, sometimes they have a genetic origin and others are due to infections such as meningitis, rubella or toxoplasma. Sigue leyendo “Hearing problems in children”