Developing stages in children

We have already talked about the stages of children’s development, but now we will tell them ages by ages that we should keep in mind when our children are growing up and that we must keep in mind to educate our children. We don’t want to be the ones who tell them how to raise their children, but we want to tell them what moments they should keep in mind to help their children develop in an appropriate way. Like to remind you that there is not a more or less developed child, we all have a moment to do something, because someone learning something easier does not make it better or worse, it means that suddenly it is not his forte, but something else can be. Sigue leyendo “Developing stages in children”

Disruptive conducts

As human beings we must recognize that we all usually have moments of rebellion where we tend to present disruptive attitudes that do not go with what society dictates, or with how we should act in front of society. These attitudes are usually related especially when we are small and young, because when we are small we get to the idea that things should be done as we want, we do not have in mind that we must follow rules. Keep in mind that learning the rules is like learning to speak, with practice and as we grow and that others teach us new words we can understand why these new teachings are important. As we said, disruptive behaviors are usually considered as an act of age or circumstances that can hide the pattern of altered behavior of a child or youth. Likewise, we have in mind that anyone can present disruptive behaviors including adults, but this time in 123pormi we want to talk to parents explaining why they present themselves and what these behaviors mean in children and adolescents.

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Learning disabilities

Well, at this point in the blog, if you are a regular reader, you should know that it is a learning disorder since we have talked about some of them such as dyslexia and dyscalculia more specifically in the blog. Well, if you still do not know what learning disorders are, these refer to difficulties that children may have in school, understanding topics, some of the disorders can affect reading comprehension, writing, math skills, to understand orders, to keep your attention on something or difficulty remembering something you have just learned. Learning disorders are problems or difficulties that children have, but as we always want to remind them is that this does not make them better or worse for other people than others, but for us it makes them even stronger, because overcoming them to achieve their goals With an obstacle it is something to celebrate, that is why we tell you that if your children suffer from a learning disorder, help them overcome it, but encourage it constantly because they are wonderful. Sigue leyendo “Learning disabilities”

How do children think?

Today we are going to talk about how children think, this topic probably seems absurd because we all go through that stage, right? But I tell you that I even forget that it was to be a girl from time to time, so I don’t think it’s a bad idea remind all adults who are reading at this time to rewind and think as they were when they were little, who used to think about their day to day, that made them laugh, anger, sadden or embarrass. Think for you what it was to be a child, what is the most important thing of that stage and that I teach you your little being to become who you are now. In my opinion the best way to understand a child is to understand oneself, remember that we have all gone through this stage and that we have all had lollipops, good and bad attitudes, but the most important thing is that we have all had hopes, as beings Humans are characterized by wanting something to fight and move forward to meet our goals. That is how we were little, even if our goal was to get a chocolate, we had the conviction of achieving what we set out to do. Sigue leyendo “How do children think?”

What is dyscalculia?

As parents, it is sometimes difficult for us to recognize that our children have problems or that it is hard for them to do more than other people, including me who researches new topics every day to introduce them, I find it hard to keep track of all the learning disorders that can have the children But after all for that we have 123pormi to share all the problems that our children can have and be able to help them overcome all their obstacles and problems. Sigue leyendo “What is dyscalculia?”

Learning disorders in children

When we are parents we want our children to have a pleasant life, where they must cross the least amount of obstacles so that they achieve their goals without any problem. But sometimes it’s not as easy as we think, sometimes we don’t have much choice; We could say that now at this moment our society understands issues that we used to see as taboo, among these we could find learning problems. Now as parents we want to find an explanation and a solution to every problem that our children go through, the drawback is that sometimes they are not things that can be prevented, but we can provide unconditional support to our children who must go through situations that neither they understand why they happen, sometimes because of shame, children can’t get the weight off by explaining to their parents that they can’t understand and learn like the rest of their classmates. Sigue leyendo “Learning disorders in children”

What is dyslexia?

Today we will talk about a learning problem called dyslexia, you have probably heard this term and you may or may not know what it is. But today we are going to explain it from another perspective, I don’t know if you have heard of a movie called “Taare Zameen Par” or in Spanish “Stars on Earth”, this is a Hindu movie that talks about the history of Ishaan a 8 year old boy who fails to pass his exams at school no matter how hard he tries, is from a family where his older brother is the representation of triumph, Ishaan has a different worldview where he manages to see colors and shapes where there are none creating a wonderful world in his eyes. Many of you may be thinking like Ishaan’s father, who was telling him and his professors that he kept so gone in his fantasy world that he didn’t pay enough attention to his schoolwork. And for those who do not understand why Ishaan’s father did not support him with his learning problems, he was not sufficiently informed to understand that it is a learning problem and less dyslexia. Sigue leyendo “What is dyslexia?”