The influence of music in children

It is normal that we see a baby dance every time we play music at home, we have already talked about dancing in children and how it is a spontaneous response when listening to music. But today we are going to talk about the true influence that music has on children and the advantages they have for their interpersonal, motor and cognitive developments. Sigue leyendo “The influence of music in children”

First day of school

When we are young, there may be two possibilities, to be encouraged with the idea of ​​going to school because we are independent children and we can imagine the possibility of being separated from our parents for a moment in the day or we just do not like the idea because we want to be with mom and dad every moment of the day because it’s what we’re used to and we don’t want anyone else to take care of us. The first day of school is a great challenge for children, both for those who have gone to daycare and for those who first leave their home. Sigue leyendo “First day of school”

Teaching our children multiple languages

The importance in society of mastering several languages ​​is spreading rapidly throughout the world. More and more doors are opening the domain of a second language and, of course, a third language. There are examples of countries where children are able to master several languages ​​from a very young age in a natural way and we feel that we should follow their example. As parents if we are part of a family from different cultures, different places and share different languages, it is best for the child to learn the mother’s language easier because of its ease in learning it and then learning other languages. Sigue leyendo “Teaching our children multiple languages”

Baby brother is on its way!

The most common, especially among the only children, is to want a little brother to play. They imagine him of the same sex, stature and tastes, someone with whom to share his day to day and his games; an equal with whom to establish a very different relationship to the one they have with dad and mom. It is not necessary to be an only child to want a brother, almost all the children of each family want to have a younger brother to play, especially if there is distance with the older brothers. In some cases it is better to be only children for us, but probably as young children at least once we came up. Sigue leyendo “Baby brother is on its way!”

Nightmares in children

There are many things that can cause a child to wake up at midnight. Most often it happens when children are very tired or under stress. But this stress can generate one of the biggest terrors of children when they are young, these are nightmares. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule can help prevent many of these problems, but sometimes it is not so easy, we must take into account many factors in the development stage of our children to help them end these bad times at bedtime . Sigue leyendo “Nightmares in children”

Gaining weight during your pregnancy

As women it is normal to be alarmed from time to time at the time of gaining weight, technically society has been configured to judge a woman when gaining weight. But today we are not only going to tell you that you should not worry but that it is totally normal, so that when you reach the moment in your life where you live the pregnancy stage you do not suffer when you see the balance rise. Each body gains weight differently and it is always possible to lose weight later, it is true that the body will never be the same as it passes through a stage in which it has to give a lot and exert force on the same body to give birth to a new life. Sigue leyendo “Gaining weight during your pregnancy”

The benefits of exercise during a pregnancy

As human beings we must recognize that exercise is vital for a healthy life at any stage of our lives, but today we will talk about the importance of maintaining a healthy life during pregnancy since we are not only maintaining our life but the life of a human being developing in our womb, but for this reason we must be careful when performing them since we cannot perform all kinds of activities. This is why we usually carry out activities as a couple, guided activities or group activities to constantly follow the instructions of a guide. Sigue leyendo “The benefits of exercise during a pregnancy”