What is Hypnobirth?

We know that for first-time mothers, the idea of ​​going through labor for the first time can be stressful, it is a process that can come out in many ways and we clearly want not only the best for our children, but for us as mothers and how it will react our body; For this, a new tertiary has been developed and implemented to make childbirth a simpler process. This technique, specially created to deal with childbirth in a simple and relaxed way, prepares the mind and body to eliminate the tensions and fears that women present when it is time to give birth. Sigue leyendo “What is Hypnobirth?”

Parents as their children idols

Children from a certain age consider that their parents are the figures they most admire and who would most like to look like, since when we are young we see how our parents do things that seem wonderful to us, how they manage to present themselves with resilience and determination not only to raise their children but to face multiple obstacles in life. For some reason we always want to be superheroes, astronauts, police officers and all these brave and extraordinary characters. It is because we see in our day to day our parents being extraordinary beings that do matter that they want to give us all of them. Sigue leyendo “Parents as their children idols”

What happens when mom and dad fight?

One of the most frustrating and unpleasant memories of a child’s life is hearing a fight between mom and dad. To witness an exchange of words or actions that can destroy the self-esteem of a human being, observe how these two people that we love so much and who live to be an example to follow are mutually aggressive and not knowing what to do or worse not being able to do anything. We do not sometimes understand the reasons for the fights but what is a world without discussion or without differences, but this does not justify the idea of ​​arguing in front of children. Discussions between parents leave their mark on children. Not only does it hurt them to see them fight and say ugly things, but the parents who fight harm their children’s ability to recognize and regulate their own emotions. Sigue leyendo “What happens when mom and dad fight?”

The influence of pets

When we were little one of those gifts that we always expected to receive under the Christmas tree was a pet, be it a fish, a dog, a cat, a rabbit or any animal that you would like. We used to see this adorable, small and playful living being who could be our friend for a lifetime. On the other hand, one as an adult or as a parent sees this living being as a new child, since not only does it economically demand but the attention and discipline that one must have to keep a pet is quite large. But sometimes as adults we only think about the consequences that most affect us and we do not evaluate all the benefits that having a pet can offer our children. Sigue leyendo “The influence of pets”

The best books to learn languages

Yesterday at 123pormi.co we talked about the importance of languages ​​in children’s lives and how important it is for them to learn from an early age as they have a greater possibility of retention. Well, we know that it is not so easy to be present every second of the day talking to your child in a different language to understand, it is for this reason that we want to share a small classification of the best children’s books to learn multiple languages ​​according to the editors from 123pormi.co. They will not only help their children learn new languages, but they will help instill the idea of ​​reading as something fun since many of these books are interactive and teach in fun ways through stories to which children are they relate or take them to unimaginable places. Sigue leyendo “The best books to learn languages”

The relationship with our children

In 123pormi.co we agree that the power and magic of giving life is wonderful, it is something unique and indescribable, it is quite inspiring to see a woman go through a process of months in which they become shelter and shelter for their children, Women creators of life, but we cannot ignore something fundamental and it is the emotional relationship established with their children, that symbiosis that marks the life of the child and also of the mother until the last day of its existence. The emotional bond teaches the baby the first model to follow to establish interpersonal relationships, promotes a sense of security and self-esteem. Generating a mother-child dyadic relationship is important for future social relationships. This shows us how the relationship we establish with our son will determine his future relationships.
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