Group dynamic: Pieces of life

RECIPIENTS: 15 years and older
GROUP SIZE: 50 people
Cardboard boxes for each participant, magazines, scissors, colbón.
• Experiences of liberation of emotions.
• Share experiences that allow learning and teaching others.

The facilitator will gather people in a circle, play the song «I believe in you» by Reik, and talk to them about the importance of believing in each one, of giving us love without expecting anything from the other, to the extent that I learn to love me, to that extent I will be able to offer the other the same love.

Each participant is given a cardboard box, magazines, scissors and colbón, the participants are asked that the box will represent my life, therefore, they must paste a collage on the box where each image represents aspects of my life in the past, present and future. The inside of the box will represent my past, so you must find, cut and paste images that show what my life was like a few years ago. On the outside of the box, the lid and the sides, I will paste aspects of my present life and on the outside under the box they should cut out images of how they see themselves in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. There will be 1 hour to make each of the collages and once the activity is over, those who wish can socialize everything they did in the box with the past, present and future or they can expose the side that each one wishes.

At the end, a conclusion will be made of what they have learned and what they take away from learning.

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Group dynamic: Alter Ego

RECIPIENTS: 18 years and older
GROUP SIZE: Maximum 20 people.
• It allows us to think of ourselves as a separate entity, this self-distancing gives us the possibility of recognizing ourselves.
• Recognize hidden facets in me or that are not manifested.
• Generates support and confidence in oneself and in the other.
• De-dramatizes life situations, giving space to see and feel life in a calmer way.

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