Parenting guidelines

Today we are going to talk about a topic we have discussed before, this is the parenting guidelines. If you are a regular reader, you will know that in 123pormi we are in favor of explaining but not imposing, with this post we do not want to tell you what you should do as parents, but if we want to give you tips and guides on how to depend on the parenting guidelines that we use as Parents our children will grow differently. Sigue leyendo “Parenting guidelines”

The importance of math

When we are little we enjoy each moment to the fullest, probably one of the stages that we remember most from our childhood is the school and all the experiences that come with this memory. From my personal experience, I was an applied person, I liked going to school not only to see my friends but because I enjoyed the idea of ​​learning something new every day. But like any other boy or girl there were subjects that were not my forte, where my insecurity arose and every time the time came for these classes I was a little anxious, I cannot deny it. We could say that the school is like this litmus test where we must meet certain expectations year after year. Sigue leyendo “The importance of math”

Early stimulation on children

We constantly remind you that nobody can tell you how to be parents, for some the father’s instinct is born and wakes up when he sees his baby for the first time, for other people that instinct is present even without having a baby and for others he wakes up with the weather. None of this makes us better or worse fathers and mothers, on the contrary, it shows that we are human beings and we are not configured in the same way that is why we all have parenting styles and different. Today we want to talk about early stimulation, clarifying that it is not for all parents, some want their children to develop their skills alone over time, but for those parents who want to help their child develop their brain and psychomotor activities to At an early age we want to explain a little what is the early stimulation and some exercises that you can implement in your baby. Sigue leyendo “Early stimulation on children”

Parenting styles

We do not know what kind of parents we will be until our time to see the life of another human being, we usually speculate that we want to provide our children or how we should raise them if we want them to grow up in a healthy and happy way. But if you are a parent you know that all these plans can change in an instant, since the needs of each baby are different, and when they grow their personality will be unique and we can not modify it, but eventually we get used to it. As parents, some of the functions that are expected of us are things like: giving love to our children, supporting them in their development, offering them new learning and disciplining us when necessary so that they adapt more easily to society when they grow up. It is for this reason that today we will talk about parental styles, the types of parents that we are, as we characterize ourselves. Remember that we do not have the last word, you can have a unique parental style, but we will talk about the most common ones used to educate children. Like we are not encouraging you to change your parental style, what works for some parents may not work for others. Sigue leyendo “Parenting styles”

The relationship between nature and children

We are in a world where little by little we have colonized, created and molded at our mercy, since we have enough tools and resources to move the earth as we want. With the power that we have granted, we do and undo the resources that nature gives us, because today we will tell you about the benefits of establishing a connection between our children and nature. We must teach our children to love everything that surrounds us, to respect other living beings and to recognize that without the other creatures that inhabit this planet we would not be here, which are necessary for the planet to live in balance, that’s why if little by little we finish it we will not have to teach our children when they grow up. When we are children we need to learn through experience if we really want to understand that they speak to us, especially when we talk about plants, animals or other types of living beings since many children are curious and we must feed them, but others cause them fear and we must help them overcome it. Sigue leyendo “The relationship between nature and children”

Hiperactivity disorden in children

As parents we keep in mind that children always have energy to waste, keep happy and full of vitality within them; but there are times when he is not simply an energetic child. Here is where a hyperactivity disorder comes into question, this disorder deals with children who develop an intense motor activity, who move continuously, without all this activity having a purpose. They go from one place to another, being able to begin some task, but they leave quickly to start another, which in turn, they leave unfinished again. This hyperactivity increases when they are in the presence of other people, especially those who do not maintain frequent relationships. On the contrary, it decreases the activity when they are alone. Hyperactivity not only speaks of the energy that children waste but the attitudes they can take as it makes them impulsive and disobedient.

Children who suffer from hyperactivity are problematic because they are restless, constantly nervous and insensitive to punishments. They have learning problems, so to abide by the norm is difficult. This is not because the child wants to be difficult to educate, but it is difficult for them to keep their attention on something and for this reason they have problems at home and problems with school performance. Something that as parents we must keep in mind is that if our children go through this situation, we must have patience, we must understand that they do not have total control of their decisions and that they have very little tolerance to frustration which can increase in them the bad behavior. Now we will explain some symptoms that your children may present at an early age to identify the disorder:

1. 0-2 years: Children have cornicos sleeping problems, after meals at nap time sleep little and often wake up startled, irritability in direct light or strong auditory stimuli.
2. 2-3 years: They present excessive motor activity, little awareness when identifying eminent hazards, which leads to the possibility of suffering accidents easier.
3. 4-5 years: Problems of social adaptation, problems at school and at home obeying and following the rules.
4. After 6 years: Problems of attention deficit in the home and school, aggressive behaviors in front of unknown people which leads to antisocial behavior.

We can not recommend any treatment since it depends on each person and the level of hyperactiveness that each child has, but at home you can perform a cognitive treatment, where tasks are presented to the children so that they begin to manage the energy distribution helping them to manage your attention deficit. Finally we want to remind our readers that if they go through a similar situation with their children, be patient, they do not have total control of their actions, they act in this way out of necessity since their organization has not developed the skills to control their actions .


Difficulties learning in school

When we are adults we usually forget what it was like to be children, we forgot how we enjoyed each second as if it were a game, but we also forgot all the problems we had. From the perspective of an adult we can come to think: What stress or concern can a child or adolescent, after all parents are those who provide all the needs of their children. But let’s not forget that being a child was also living with a constant pressure to satisfy our parents, a pressure to give the best of you and to be proud in every step you take. We must recognize as adults that life is a game, it is designed to be enjoyed, but like any game, it has levels that advance as we grow, and have obstacles that are formed as we grow and mature. With this, in 123pormi we want to tell you that nobody has it easier than another, we all play in a different way, we do not all recognize the obstacles in the same way and we do not all face the new levels with the same enthusiasm. Today we want to address parents, to explain the difficulties their children can face in school when they do not understand a new topic. Sigue leyendo “Difficulties learning in school”