Obstacules in children

Life is full of obstacles, which make us learn and move forward. Even if we try, we cannot avoid obstacles and we cannot avoid them to children. It will be the ability to overcome obstacles that will lead us to succeed and achieve our goals. Thus, for example, a child who learns to overcome his obstacles as a child will be able to face different situations in his adult life, seeking an alternative solution, such as before the loss of a job or a breakup of a partner. Overcoming obstacles and the ability to face adversity is very important, and it will be one of the keys to your happiness.

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Books for curious children

Children when they are young usually learn from their models or roles, in some cases, these can be their parents, older siblings, teachers or people who inspire them. One of the activities that we most want to see our children adopt is a love of reading and a fascination with explaining the world. Now we live in a time where children are increasingly curious and have access to the internet at all times, but many more children are adapting to the world of reading that leads them to know a new perspective of the world or that explains new activities that they can do. This is why today we will tell you about 5 books that teach children in a dynamic way.

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Roxy Rex: The last unisaurus rex

Two of the creatures that most attract children’s attention when they are small are dinosaurs and unicorns, one of these were creatures that actually lived on our planet millions of years ago, these are dinosaurs, and unicorns are known as creatures mythological that we see in multiple books and movies. Some children can generate a bias where they believe that dinosaurs as fierce and powerful creatures can only be liked by boys and like unicorns being magical and colorful creatures they can only be liked by girls. Well, a little girl named Rea, daughter of the author Eva Chen, asks her mother one day: If I am a girl, can I only like unicorns and not dinosaurs? Rea was worried because according to her classmates at school they cannot like your two favorite animals. Luckily, her mother told her how she can like whatever she wants, and to justify that a dinosaur and a unicorn can live in unity, she wrote the book: Roxy Rex, the last Unitarian Rex, a creature half tyrannosaurus rex, half unicorn. Sigue leyendo “Roxy Rex: The last unisaurus rex”

Multicultural children books

With the #BlackLivesMatter movement, multiple aspects of our daily lives have been questioned, since without realizing it we have created a world and a normality where racism has been justified and we have done something that we should be proud of as our differences, a disadvantage for a part of the planet’s population. With this national movement, the initiative for change and support from multiple perspectives to different races. That is why today at 123pormi we want to bring attention to children’s books where the protagonist is colored, to present a new multicultural perspective to our children, who are surrounded by creations such as Disney where 1 in 20 princesses is colored, will receive see more inclusion in our children’s learning. Next we will see some of our recommended books: Sigue leyendo “Multicultural children books”

Board games for children from 4 to 6 years old.

This age is marked by the transition from preschool to primary education and it is precisely this that will determine their behavior and therefore their way of having fun. As children grow up, it is a perfect time to enhance different skills that they acquire with age, but it is also very important that they do not lose perspective and take advantage of playing in the most playful sense of the word. Sigue leyendo “Board games for children from 4 to 6 years old.”

disappointment in children

When we are little, we want to try new things, explore and do new activities every day. We see people who succeed, either writing or making the best slime they have seen; but sometimes we encounter obstacles that prevent us from achieving the goals as we wanted or that prevent us from meeting our expectations. As we grow we realize that we are not always going to succeed on the first attempt, that achieving a goal requires perseverance and multiple attempts, but when we are little we hit a wall that prevents us from completing what we want, and when we find ourselves The first disappointment, it will not be so easy to keep trying because we will be forced to think what happens if I fail again?, it is the moment when we present them with a question, this one that we must present to our children every time they have fear of trying something new: What is worse: trying and failing, but finding a way to succeed or give up and not knowing what we would feel when we achieve our goal and objective. Sigue leyendo “disappointment in children”

Explain racism and discrimination to our children.

Following the murder on May 25 of George Floyd by a policeman in the State of Minnesota, in the United States, millions of people around the world (but especially in the United States) have demonstrated against racism and xenophobia. This act unleashed multiple events by the authorities where they have abused power to violence people of color. At 123pormi ls we want to remember that acts of discrimination against another human being should not be tolerated and should be spoken, as a result of this the #BlackLivesMatter movement was born, which aroused encouragement and support on the part of some people, as well as denial on the part of from others who said that not only lives of color matter, but they all matter. This is a time to tell our children, teach them that tolerance is love and that despite all lives matter, at this time some need us more than others because they live in a world where their skin color defines their safety in your day to day. Remember that to remain silent on the subject is to be complicit. So today we will tell you some things what we can do with our children to talk about discrimination and especially racism. Sigue leyendo “Explain racism and discrimination to our children.”

The power of concentration on our children

When we are little, the world around us presents news every day, be it from new words, colors or sounds. This is why the concentration and attention of children is so easily diverted, this is something that we must train so that our children do not see their attention impaired in the future. All the stimuli that surround children can be positive or negative, since the high number of demands and new information that surrounds them every day can lead to a dispersion in their attention, which will mean a lack of concentration in children and a possibility of the appearance of stress symptoms. Sigue leyendo “The power of concentration on our children”