¿Are you happy?

Something that we have been asked at least once in our life is: Are you happy? What do you think you came to this life for? What is the meaning of your life? I tell you that these questions do not always have a clear solution, the time will come when they ask us this and we will not have a direct question, we will not know what to answer. This is completely normal, it is normal to have no idea, it is normal to say no or I don’t know. We do not always have to be happy, we do not have to know what we came to this life for and we do not have to know what the meaning of our life is. By this I do not mean that we should be lost, that we should not know what we want and that we should not be happy, but we will not always be and the time will come when we discover the answer to half of these questions. After all, happiness is that emotion that fills us and comforts us more than ever, but sometimes you have to walk a little more to find constant happiness.

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¿What would you do in your ideal day?

Let’s think for a moment what we would have done when we were little if we were given the power to decide what to do in an entire day. What would our reaction be? What would be the first thing we would ask for? As adults and parents we know that a good education implies helping children to be autonomous, to have their own criteria, to think for themselves and to make decisions, because if from a young age they learn to make their own decisions and are capable of accepting their consequences, they will become independent adults capable of making wise decisions. But usually when we were little we didn’t have great power, if much we could decide what flavor of ice cream we wanted when we went out with our parents. Usually we do not get to think about things or situations that do not seem realistic to us, the probability that we will allow our children to do and undo for a day is almost nil. But it is curious to think what our children would do in this situation, it is even important to return to our mentality as children and to think that we would have asked.

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Two magic words

We have always been taught that good manners include asking “How are you?” Sometimes we forget the power that these words have, asking how did you do today? How was your day ?; we are full of thoughts, things to do and worries that we do not remember the little details that can help a person. Whether from our children, friends, family or just an acquaintance; These words can be the source of someone remembering a good day, the source to vent and release something that has bothered them all day, they are a source of catharsis, so I am going to comment on the importance of asking how was it today ?

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The importance of being attentive in our children school

When we are young, the example of our parents and their approval is everything to us, we want to make our parents happy while having fun and doing our school tasks, as children our only responsibility is to go to school, learn and do our best. of us to get good grades and pass course after course until we graduate. But, just as school is a great responsibility of children, parents also have a part of responsibility in teaching us and guiding us in our learning.

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Teaching your children to protect their body

Among the different measures we can take within the family to prevent child abuse is teaching children the value of their bodies. The meaning that the child develops about her own body depends largely on what we teach her about it. What is not valued is not protected. If we teach the child that her body is not important, the child will learn that others can decide and act on her body; favoring that it is more vulnerable when recognizing and facing a risk situation. Everyday life can become the ideal setting to teach children to dignify, signify and draw the limits of their body. Here I share some principles to teach boys the value and protection of their bodies. These I have built based on my experience in caring for children and adolescents.

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Explaining periods to your children

Talking about menstruation shouldn’t be a big talk to be done at a particular age. Instead, start that conversation early and dig deeper as your child gets older. Girls and boys need reliable information about menstruation. So, be sure to talk about it with both your daughter and son! It is a topic that should not become tabu, it should be explained as something normal that occurs as part of a cycle in nature.

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Breaking the mold

Sleeping Beauty, Bella, Little Mermaid, Jasmine, Esmeralda, Tiana, Ana and Elsa … “The Disney Princesses” is probably one of the most powerful brands, although not such, within the children’s entertainment industry. Their secret, surely, is that they have been in our homes longer than ourselves, so that they are an ingrained part of our culture. Who doesn’t have fond memories with these, and others, movies (and stories) from the Mickey Mouse factory?

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Obstacules in children

Life is full of obstacles, which make us learn and move forward. Even if we try, we cannot avoid obstacles and we cannot avoid them to children. It will be the ability to overcome obstacles that will lead us to succeed and achieve our goals. Thus, for example, a child who learns to overcome his obstacles as a child will be able to face different situations in his adult life, seeking an alternative solution, such as before the loss of a job or a breakup of a partner. Overcoming obstacles and the ability to face adversity is very important, and it will be one of the keys to your happiness.

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Books for curious children

Children when they are young usually learn from their models or roles, in some cases, these can be their parents, older siblings, teachers or people who inspire them. One of the activities that we most want to see our children adopt is a love of reading and a fascination with explaining the world. Now we live in a time where children are increasingly curious and have access to the internet at all times, but many more children are adapting to the world of reading that leads them to know a new perspective of the world or that explains new activities that they can do. This is why today we will tell you about 5 books that teach children in a dynamic way.

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