Chess and its advantages

Learning chess, a game of strategy of great depth, has benefits for all ages in general, but in the case of children, it helps them in a special way to awaken their intellectual abilities and develop their logical thinking earlier . It is a very common game, we could say that it is within the reach of many, if not all. Since it is a game that we find in homes, schools, kindergartens, it is a game that is directly related to the cognitive and logical development of our children and we are going to see some of the benefits that chess can bring to the life of our children and even ours.

Memory: The game of chess forces them to remember the rules and the moves they are executing. Learning these types of hobbies can positively influence children’s performance in other activities and / or subjects.

The analysis: In a chess game, the player finds himself at a crossroads, he must analyze the multiple possibilities, synthesize them to choose one and propose a counterattack to his opponent, thus developing his critical thinking.

Problem solving: Chess forces its participants to make responsible decisions. During the game, the child faces different problems and must apply a strategy while taking into account that of the opponent. Time is an important factor in the game, so, in addition, the child learns to make decisions under pressure.

Socialization: To participate in this activity, it is not necessary to share race, nationality, language or age with the adversary. In this sense, chess is inclusive and teaches children not to discriminate. The language of chess is a universal language.

Creativity: In this game it is not only necessary to study moves and follow a certain pattern of movements, but sometimes it is interesting to develop the imagination and foresee different possibilities of what may happen during the game. Also, you need to create surprising and unexpected plays.

Concentration: Chess demands so much concentration that it is not uncommon to find its players completely isolated from outside noise while engaged in a game.

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