The influence of games in the attitude of children

Playing not only means having fun, it is also an activity that helps the little ones in the house to develop in multiple aspects. In fact, if it is observed well, parents can learn a lot from their children since in these moments children show their preferences, choices and can even give indications of their social or introverted behavior.

In short, the game can become a very effective way of knowing the personality of the smallest of the house. From the National Autonomous University of Mexico, parents are encouraged to pay more attention during these times in order to get to know their own children better and even to be able to detect possible problems that are weighing on their development. From this university it is recalled that child development is linked to play, since in addition to being a natural activity, it also participates in the construction of their personality and in the mastery of social skills, among many other things. During these activities the child shows different emotional capacities, such as empathy or teamwork. There are those who even think that the way in which the game is developed can say more than their own.
In addition, the game can also be a demonstration of the child’s ability to imagine and a sample of her values ​​and interests. Many of these activities involve the imitation of an idol: footballer, singer, airplane pilot, etc. What has led the child to assume this role? Is he capable of imagining this world? In the same way, the roles of children during the game can also say a lot. A good example is to see if he is capable of taking on any role or there are some that he doesn’t have as much fun with as others.

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