Benefits of board games

The good thing about board games is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to buy that board game for boys and girls that appears on television. There are a lot of games that you can create versions of with materials that you have at home with the help of your sons or daughters. Board games for boys and girls help in their education and development. The benefits they provide are multiple, including:

  • They help the development of their motor, mental and sensory abilities.
  • They develop concentration, memory, observation and imagination.
  • They show how to solve problems, develop strategies and make decisions.
  • They teach to comply with the rules of coexistence.
  • They promote socialization and strengthen emotional ties.
  • They increase their tolerance for frustration and teach them to control impatience.
  • They discover the importance of effort and teamwork.
  • They improve their self-esteem and confidence in colleagues.
  • Depending on age, they teach numbers, counting, vocabulary, associating ideas or concepts, etc.

I will share with you some of the most common traditional games and some direct benefits that they have on the people who play them:

  • Lottery: reinforces language and verbal expression. It favors visual coordination, attention and tolerance for frustration, since you learn that you cannot always win. Stimulates cognitive development: understanding the notion of similarity and difference.
  • Puzzle: strengthens the notion of visuospatial and expansion of objects. The little one learns to complete a figure, the concept of top and bottom and left and right side.
  • Dominoes: it can be made of figures (for children from 2 to 3 years old) and of points (from 5 onwards). With the first, the youngest identifies visual forms (he joins two chickens or two dogs). With the second, concepts such as: equal to, more than, less than and sense of directionality, since the game can be carried by two extremes. The numbers are reinforced.
  • Monopoly: helps children with aggression or hyperactivity problems to stick to the rules of a game, wait their turn and be patient when making decisions. It can be played by those children who already have a conception of money and property and who already know how to count.
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