Parenting in Spain

Being a parent is not, in itself, an easy task, and the environment and certain circumstances only make the experience more difficult. A study analyzes which are the factors that most stress families in the first year of the baby’s life and points out those that would make life easier for them.

In Spain there are more than two million children who live without a father figure, according to data from the Men for Equality Platform, this is one of the countries with the most divorces. They have caused an increase in children who grow up without the reference of a father or have it very far from them. Single, abandoned, separated or divorced mothers try to raise their children on the premise that they alone are enough.

In Spain, the father is valued and accepted on many occasions to the extent that he is a kind of «second mother», a role demanded on many occasions by the women themselves, who reproach them for not caring for, attending to or understanding children exactly as they do they do. Against this background, children catch these recriminations and lose respect for their parents, whom they consider useless. According to experts, when the father is absent he does not play his role as a «separator» which is what allows the child to differentiate himself from the mother, thus producing «an insane interdependence.» This situation can lead to adolescence, the child uses violence to affirm his own existence and prove his virility.

Leaving this aside a bit, Spain is also one of the countries where adolescents have the best opportunities in terms of their mental stability and tranquility. It is a country that, from its culture of economic residence, has allowed parents to teach their children to be persevering and determined.

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