Inspiring people: Jerry Yang

Jerry Yang is a Taiwanese-born American Internet entrepreneur, the co-founder and former CEO of Yahoo! Inc. He created the company together with David Filo.
While studying at Stanford University, he and David Filo created a website consisting of a directory of other pages in April 1994, initially called «Jerry’s Guide to the World Wide Web.» . The definitive name of the site, Yahoo! is the acronym for «Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle», taken from copying «Yet Another Compiler Compiler». Although Yang and Filo also affirm that they chose this name because they liked the general definition of a yahoo: «rude, unsophisticated, uneducated».

The results were more than surprising: in November 1994 they had 170,000 visitors per day and a few years later, in 1998, almost a million people were visiting Yahoo!
And just as the consumers of the site grew, so did the pockets of Yang and his friend, especially when from 1996 the company began to be listed on Wall Street. From there, nothing would come between Yahoo! And success.
“We try to know what people are looking for and need from the Internet, and we provide it for them. That’s the idea behind all of our work, and we haven’t changed our minds since we founded the company. Now what we want to do is take advantage of the brand Yahoo has, and turn it into a project that is not only American but also international, ”Yang said in an interview conducted a few years ago.

Today, what at the time emerged as a simple page that facilitated search on the web, is a portal that contains everything: search, Yahoo! news, mails, Yahoo! Messenger, Entertainment, Finance, Free Internet, Photos, Games, etc., etc., etc. And, as he had predicted, its scope is international, with its own sites in European, Latin American and Asian countries. He is just one of the success stories that show us that everything that we propose to ourselves one day we will achieve if we try hard enough and give everything of ourselves.

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