Inspiring people: Sandra Cisneros

Sandra Cisneros is one of the most successful contemporary Hispanic-Mexican writers in the world. Her first book, the novel House on Mango Street, received rave reviews, sold more than six million copies, was translated into more than twenty languages, and is read in elementary, high school, and colleges across the United States. In later works he used a child narrative voice. Following the publication of House on Mango Street, she directed a writing program at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio, Texas.

In 1985 she received the American Book Award, from the Before Columbus Foundation, for House on Mango Street. During 2016, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill awarded him an honorary doctorate of letters. He also received the Texas Medal of the Arts, the Chicago Fifth Star Award, the PEN Center USA Literary Award, the Fairfax Award, and the National Medal of Arts from President Barack Obama in 2016. He subsequently won the PEN Award. / Nabokov of international literature.

Sandra Cisneros’s legacy has left a great mark on the Hispanic culture of the United States in her writing. One of Cisneros’ greatest achievements is her story for her elders is «The House on Mango Street,» which reflects her childhood and adolescence of her growing up in a Hispanic neighborhood in Chicago. The House On Mango Street is such a great achievement because it has been read in classrooms throughout the entire United States and remains an essential piece of the core curriculum in high schools. She has always wanted to be a great inspiration for future Spanish-speaking generations looking for a future in another country, she has managed to support multiple communities with different literature programs for future writers who want to light up the world as she does with the help of her stories.

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