Inspiring people: Raffi Freedman

Raffi Freedman-Gurspan is an American transgender rights activist and the first openly transgender person to serve as a member of the White House under the presidency of Barack Obama. She was also the first openly transgender legislative employee to serve in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. She previously served as a policy advisor for the National Center for Transgender Equality, a racial and economic justice initiative in Washington and is a public policy specialist in support of the LGBTQIA + community. We can recognize that this community is one of those that carries the most social weight, unfortunately some people who are not part of this community and who do not understand their rights believe themselves with the power to vote and decide on them, their future and how they develop in community. We are all unique, no one on this planet is the same, we must not allow a difference to be the cause of discrimination because we all have something different from others.

Human rights defenders praised her appointment for being an important step for the LGBTQIA + community and for ensuring that the federal government includes the voices and experiences of all Americans.
White House Counselor Valerie Jarrett, in a statement sent to the media, said that her appointment “demonstrates the type of leadership that the Government promotes. Her commitment to improving the lives of transgender Americans, especially those of color and those living in poverty, reflects the values ​​of this Administration. «

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