Inspiring people: Mae Jemison

Did you get to see the movie Hidden Figures? This tells the story of how Mae Jemison and multiple engineers saved a launch of a space mission at NASA, you wonder why this is different from the different discoveries or contributions of some other engineer at NASA? Well, I tell you that Jemison was the first black female engineer and astronaut to be accepted into NASA and to travel to space. This was between 1987 and 1992, a time that defined the path for women of color in the engineering field. When we are born with an «advantage» or a «privilege» we do not recognize how difficult life was for some people, the level of discrimination that existed at NASA was exponential considering that they had bathrooms not only separated by gender but by color of skin, this was a defining moment in history.

In 1992 it was time for her: from September 12 to 20 of that year, her only space mission took place, a collaborative mission with Japan that would also be the 50th in the shuttle program. As part of her work on the mission, she served as a scientific specialist and carried out a series of experiments on dizziness during flights, bone loss in space, and ovulation and fertilization of frogs and the subsequent development of tadpoles. when there is no gravity.

There come moments in life when we have to be pioneers when life has not given us the opportunity, we must resort to perseverance by not letting ourselves collapse, that is what Mae Jemison did, one of her best known phrases and that we must keep in mind. each day of our lives from now on is:

«People want to limit you because their own imagination is limited»

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