Inspiring people: Lucile Ball

Her full name was Lucille Desiree Ball, she was born on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York.

In 1929, young Lucy began working as a model and later she began her Broadway career by introducing herself as Dianne Belmont. In the early 1930s, Lucy began acting in various small radio roles, due to her being hired by RKO Radio Pictures. In 1940 she was known as the Queen of the Bs, since she had to her credit, a series of roles in class B films.

While she had already achieved fame, Lucy meets and falls in love with Desi Arnaz, a Cuban actor, whom she married in 1940. She would be known in the world of television in 1951 when the series «I Love Lucy» was created, where she worked with whom was her husband, Desi Arnaz, giving life to her husband in fiction Ricky Ricardo and with the actors Vivian Vance and William Frawley.
The production was so successful that 180 episodes were made and it lasted until 1957. Due to the enormous fame and money that was earned with this series, the producers changed the format of the program and launched another very similar series called «The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour ”, achieving three seasons and 13 episodes from 1957 to 1960.

In 1977, Lucy became one of the first winners to receive the «Women in Film Crystal» award. In 1979 she received the Cecil B. DeMIlle Award.

In 1986, the producers again wanted to launch a program similar to what they called «Life with Lucy», which turned out to be a real failure after only 8 episodes of the 13 that were recorded in total were broadcast.
Regardless, she Lucille was honored with the John F. Kennedy Center Lifetime Achievement Award and in 1989 she was awarded the Governors Award thanks to the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

Along the way, Ball created a television dynasty and achieved several firsts. She was the first woman to run a television production company: Desilu, which she had formed with Arnaz. After her divorce in 1960, she bought the part of it and became a very committed studio director.

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