The importance of writing well

Writing is vital to developing various human skills, such as attention, concentration, memory, organization, and methodology. Writing is the precursor to learning. Without the essential psychomotor development associated with writing, children would be less able to assimilate subjects and study material. During childhood, billions of synaptic connections are formed in the brain and writing, like playing and manipulating objects, helps to stimulate brain activity and the development of these connections.

Writing helps the coordination of muscle movements and fosters dexterity, especially fine motor control, that is, the coordination of arms, hands or fingers for the execution of fine or intricate movements. Some experts have linked the ability to write with the ability to open boxes or tie shoelaces. When mastered, writing becomes an automatic process; children can concentrate on their work without worrying about how the letters are formed.

Tests conducted in schools and among adults show that words learned by handwriting tend to be spelled better than those learned by typing. Cursive writing helps children to better remember and visualize characters. Writing improves the attention we give to information. It allows our brain to better evaluate the data it receives, and to organize it better, which in turn helps to better cement ideas and concepts in the mind, which means that we will remember them better.

Writing and reading are inseparable, as they are the result of a mental process that involves the encoding and decoding of information from the brain. If the child does not learn to write correctly, he may have difficulties in reading: in understanding a complete text and the context of words and phrases, and in identifying the spelling of words. In addition, problems with writing and a lack of automatic control can cause delays in learning and affect your ability to take notes, leading to concentration problems.

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