Resources for kids to study

The COVID-19 pandemic has more than 90% of the world’s students from 188 countries confined to their homes and without face-to-face classes, according to the latest UNESCO data as of April 7, 2020. In this context, universities and Educational and training centers offer their training through digital means, or are trying, so that students with or without previous experience in online training will be immersed in non-face-to-face classes.

Studying online brings benefits for the student, such as flexible hours and the possibility of improving their digital and personal skills, among others. But it also brings challenges, such as self-discipline, self-organization and time planning, as well as exercising autonomy and self-learning. Likewise, it must be taken into account that online education, especially in the face of coronavirus confinement, can generate inequality of opportunities if technical resources are not guaranteed so that both students and teachers can carry it out.

Some pages where you will find activities or online resources for your children to play and have fun.

On websites such as we recommend the spelling games they have, these help with the language of our children, they are also classified by grades and ages so that it is easier to follow the progress of our children, at this time we have to find alternatives that generate interest in our children after so many virtual classes and a little of the same every day, inspiration begins to disappear for this we need pages as the primary world.

If your children like activities like sudoku puzzles, crosswords, word searches, math boards, mazes, find the differences and identify the hieroglyphics activities. You can find these activities on pages such as, supporting our children by providing activities that they can do at home that are fun but enriching for their knowledge is good. They can even share with their children through these activities and make it something of the family, at night or before school to awaken their interests.

Now with so many media and technology, our children live in a constant interest in video games, that is why we will give them a small selection of video games that teach our children something so that they can implement them in their play schedule.
Kokori Project, Hakitzu, Cap Odyssey, SimCity Edu, Naraba World and Discover Babylon.

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