Creativity in adolescence

In order for creativity to come to fruition, it is necessary to open up to the encounter with oneself and with others. Opportunity generation requires creative thinking. The creation of new values ​​requires new concepts. Opportunities only «fall from the sky» if someone sets out to look for them. Opportunity ideas are not everywhere, waiting for someone to find them. Those ideas must be produced.

One way to get a good idea is to generate lots of ideas. Producing ideas that are both novel and valuable is more than just brainstorming (Brainstorming is a practical and effective method of opening the mind and unlocking the creative potential of each person. It is a technique for generating ideas in groups with the animation of a moderator or facilitator – although it can also be applied individually). It is a job that requires time, perseverance and practice; a lot of practice. Our responsibility involves nourishing and feeding our mind to achieve original and novel results because if we stay in the routine and let things get there naturally, we will never accumulate the wide and varied database that we need to have. new ideas.

When it comes to «working» with your creative abilities, you should allow yourself to express your ideas spontaneously and, after a period, when the frequency of ideas begins to decline it is the right time to introduce a creativity stimulation technique.

  1. Set mini goals. Cut your creative challenge into blocks or stages so that you can move forward with a greater sense of satisfaction and success toward your main challenge.
  2. Generates a state of relaxed attention. This is ideal so as not to paralyze your creative process. Instead of thinking about an idea all day, move it to the side and start doing something else. Your mind will keep working and will make sure that the idea flows.
  3. Get to work. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has fallen in love with some project or idea of ​​our own. We go round and round, stretch the deadlines and always think that it can be improved. This is all very good, but let me tell you that we must know how to apply the brake and move towards specific terrain.

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