Family time

These days, due to work and various responsibilities, it is often difficult to spend quality time with our children. We must make a conscious effort to take time dedicated only to them, but not only being physically present, but interacting together. Spending quality time with the family is of great importance for children, since from this strengthened bond there is a healthy emotional development, greater stability, security and learns to build relationships with other people.
There is no use spending a lot of time at home if you don’t really share time together. Family time means sharing and looking for an activity that everyone can enjoy, it can be a board game for young and old, playing hide-and-seek in the park, singing a children’s song, telling them a story … It is also important Talk to your children, ask them what they did that day, what new things they learned, what they liked the most. This space is very valuable for children and they keep it in mind throughout their lives.
Likewise, the amount of time is also important, the times that they can repeat these experiences and the constancy of these spaces will be those that mark the continuity of the presence of parents in their lives, if they can count on them and they are there when they need them .
Although a father cannot be physically present all the time with the children, it is important that they can let them know that they are attentive to them, for example they can call them during the afternoon at least once to express their affection and when they see them at the end of the day, they will tell you they were thinking about them.
Spending time with your children is an important activity within the family bond, because the longer you are with them, you will have many opportunities to understand them, reinforce their values, teach them new things and prepare them for the future.
Home activities to do with our children:

  • Eat as a family: Make it a point to quit work or schedule work for later in the evening so you can get home in time to sit down to dinner together. Dining as a family allows you to be a part of their daily conversations and answer any questions they may have encountered during the day you were apart.
  • Fix things together: Was a light bulb damaged? Do you need to paint your study room wall? Children love to help fix things. It may seem like a boring task to us, but for most kids, it’s a wonderful opportunity to see what’s under the dishwasher, understand how a faucet works, or simply cover an entire wall in paint. Fixing things together allows you to plan the project and also gives you plenty of time to interact.
  • Walk: If you’ve already made time for dinner with your children, why not take another 30 minutes to walk with them after dinner? Once the table is clear and the dishes washed, take a walk around your neighborhood. Talk about the changes you see and what your children observe around you as you go on these walks. Walking while speaking can actually make it easier for children to bring up difficult topics or problems they face because they have something else (like walking) to focus on when bringing up these topics.
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