Helping our kids to find their passion

We all come to life to do something, to fulfill a function; We call that vocation, mission or purpose of life. Everyone’s is equally important. We come equipped with the «toolbox» necessary to carry it out: the type of body, the type of voice, thought processes, temperament, abilities, genetic load, talents and interests, appropriate and necessary to carry out this vocation. When we are children we know what it is, in fact we play it and dream about it. The time comes when we must learn to do our job and it is time to study, that is why today we want to talk about how we can help our children to find their vocation easier. We must remind them and give our opinion saying that we should always help and support our children to follow their dreams and passion.

A child is still a teenager with multiple tastes and interests when it comes time to choose a career and focus on the future. Therefore, you run the risk of making a mistake and choosing the wrong career, which in the future will generate frustration. As a parent, the best thing you can do is guide him, advise him and be by his side to listen to him when he comes up with the subject of vocational guidance. We give you some tips to help our children:

  1. No pressure: Do not tell him that one career is better than another, or that with one they will have a better income. Inform them objectively about each of the options you have in mind. Always talk to your child, adolescence is a time when many children are emotionally separated from their parents and there are risks of cutting ties. Maintain communication and trust.
  2. Evaluate his abilities: Just because he’s bad at math doesn’t mean he’s not smart. Your child can be a great lawyer or a great communicator if her ability with letters predominates. Fortify and boost his qualities from a young age, so that when the time comes to choose a career, he can see for himself what he does best.
  3. Support him in the search for information: Although the Internet provides him with all kinds of data, your experience and knowledge in higher education would facilitate many things.
  4. Explain the importance of studying a professional career and what advantages and benefits it will have.
  5. Plan college visits with your child to take a closer look at what he will find. Give him examples of courses and subjects that he will take in the career that interests him to see if that is what he wants.

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