Listening to others

Although our ears are fundamentally important, we really don’t know how to listen well. Much of the time we spend listening to teachers, lecturers, television, as well as the radio and other electronic devices. All of this accustoms us to having a passive attitude when they make sound and verbal information that comes from these sources. And if there is no exchange there is really no communication.

When we have a verbal exchange with who is presenting, it is how to maintain an ideal rhythm with the reading, its pauses and setbacks, as well as the advances. To better understand the sound and verbal information, it is convenient to interrupt the speaker to ask questions or also to discuss a specific point with him. Active verbal exchange is a remarkable means of transmitting ideas and sharpening the mind by exerting control over attention.
In the verbal exchanges that we have every day, there is no lack of opportunities to make him richer and more active instead of boring with great passivity.

When you find yourself psychologically destroyed, and someone listens to you without judgment, without trying to take responsibility for our actions, without wanting to mold us, you really feel wonderful. On these occasions, tension is reduced, feelings of fear, guilt, and despair rise to the surface, in addition to the confusion that accompanied the experience.
When they listen to you and hear you, you perceive the world differently, and you feel strong to move on. When we listen to the feelings that frightened us, they become bearable. When someone hears us the terrifying feelings that had no solution, then they do. We feel profound gratitude when a person listens to us in an emphatic, sensitive and focused way.

So, listen too, listen to your interlocutor, without judging, putting your attention on his words. Without judging him, without omitting opinions about him or his actions. For some people, talking will be something they like to do and this will be offset by their ability to listen. If someone always talks and does not listen, they will be perceived in a certain way by others. This could mean that other people admire their communication skills, and it could also mean that other people see them as being self-centered.
There is no better gift than listening and being attentive in front of others.

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