Good manners

Good manners are an important thing to have as they show that you are courteous towards others. Good social etiquette can help you develop better relationships and make it more enjoyable to be in your presence. In case you are eating with other people, be careful to use good manners when eating to show that you are respectful. You should also maintain etiquette when you are online so that you do not offend or share too much information with others.

Having good manners is not just sitting well at the table, or eating politely. It also consists of being considerate of other people, treating them with respect, appreciating good gestures,… and all this is disappearing in an alarming way.
This lack of good manners and courtesy, although it may not seem like it, causes us more stress than we can already suffer from day to day. And it does not allow us to relate to the rest of the world, with the harmony that would be recommended. In short, it causes quite a significant social unrest. As if all this were not enough; Some studies have shown that a lack of courtesy with a colleague, for example at work, reduces the productivity of that employee for a long time.
Regardless of how others act, keep your own good manners. Let the behavior of others not determine yours. Say good morning or reply to whoever gives them, apologize if you think it’s necessary, ask for things please, etc. They do not involve a great effort and you will feel better with yourself and with the world.

If you treat others with respect and politeness, they are more likely to do the same to you. You will be a more attractive person. I am not referring to a physical attractiveness, I mean that we all find it more pleasant to relate to a person who is educated, than with another who is not. You will make others feel good. When you treat people with the respect they deserve, not only will you make yourself feel good, but you will make the people you associate with feel good too.
In general, if we all used the good manners that we undoubtedly know, we could interact more easily and with more well-being for all. And, it costs nothing. A «please», a «thank you», or an «apology», accompanied by a smile, does not involve any effort for you, and you make the moment more pleasant for the other person.

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