¿What makes you laugh?

Many of us can agree that laughing is very pleasant, listening to other people laugh causes us joy and fills us inside, one of the most beautiful laughs is hearing babies and children laugh, those small and constant laughs that are born just from seeing a little animal or a big bear hug. Laughter has the power that many people do not imagine, that strength and energy that a laugh provides is unsurpassed. Laughter plays a very important role in children and babies because, like play, laughter triggers a whole series of physiological, cognitive and emotional reactions that facilitate learning, sociability, the release of accumulated stress and allow the child to be more open and spontaneous.

At a physiological level we see how we see how laughing helps to exercise a multitude of muscles of the face and abdomen, making it an excellent muscle relaxant and releasing all the tensions in the body, no matter your age or how big or small you are. laughter is always the best solution. Laughter strengthens the heart and the immune system and also while generating endorphins, a brain chemical that acts as a natural pain reliever, causing feelings of pleasure and well-being.

When we laugh, in addition to strengthening the muscles, the immune system is strengthened and the body is oxygenated. When laughing, the diaphragm and the abdomen massage the joint organs, facilitating digestion and eliminating fats and toxins. While the laugh is produced, the hormone of happiness is secreted, stress is eliminated and brain function is improved. In addition, Mireia Navarro mentions a very important aspect and that is that laughing improves socialization, because by sharing laughter, emotional ties are improved and relationships are improved. It also helps to have a positive outlook on life and to promote an increase in self-esteem because it helps to lose the sense of ridicule and be less demanding of ourselves.

What better than to be born with the possibility of expressing our emotions by a simple laugh, which fills us with optimism and the will to live. It allows us to express emotions and happiness, reduces tensions and encourages interpersonal relationships in a positive and cordial environment.
As a reflection activity for you and your children, think and ask them what makes them laugh the most in their days and try to involve this in your day-to-day life and never forget to laugh.

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