Justice in children

What is fair depends on the ethical and moral paradigm in which a certain society lives, therefore it will vary according to the country, the population, the group, and the person. Everything in this life depends on multiple variables, sometimes it depends on us and sometimes not. But, as well as the cold or heat, the good and the bad; justice does not exist without an opposite, we could not distinguish just acts if there were no injustice. But beyond all that, life has no obligation to be fair, or to comply with the parameters of what we consider fair. Pretending that just for acting in the right way life is going to reward you with what you think you deserve, is an act of faith that will also end up frustrating you when you don’t receive what you expected. We must teach our children to distinguish between something fair and unfair according to the culture or society in which we live.

It is true that practicing justice is not an easy task. We tend to commit injustices daily and sometimes without realizing it. In addition, these types of attitudes can become more evident within the family routine. Do not hesitate and teach your child to be fair. Sometimes we can commit unjust acts, unconsciously, favoring the development of one child over the other. This can be the cause of fights and anger within the family nucleus. For this reason, it is important for parents to be aware of what it means to act fairly. Thus, teaching your child to be fair will be just as key. In this way, they will be providing the world with care with good values. Thus they will be equipped with the necessary tools to more easily manage any area of ​​their life.

Nothing is more traumatic for a child than being the victim of an injustice. The pain is aggravated if it is committed in your home and by your parents. Depending on the age of the child, he may or may not understand the reasons his parents use when dispensing justice. Obviously acting with equality is the right thing to do.

The best way to promote justice in children is by promoting solidarity and empathy in them. Positive behaviors are often reinforced when we promote situations in which the child can practice kindness and kindness towards others. Caring for others teaches your child to be fair, obviously without neglecting his own needs.

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