Good friends

Life in childhood and adolescence is based on family life and also on friendships. Children need to have friends to develop as people and better develop their social skills. Parents must ensure that their children learn to make friends as this will help them to be successful in life. Strong friendships are also important for children’s self-esteem and sense of belonging. It is important to constantly remind our children that quantity does not matter but quality, having good friends defines our quality of life, since these will be our support and our rock in the future, a true friend that lasts for life.

Your children assimilate many values ​​just from seeing you, but don’t assume they understand all of them. Talk about the virtues and values ​​that are important to you as a family. Discuss with them each value and how to identify the values ​​in the others. Having a solid understanding of values ​​will make it easier for your child to recognize whether a «friend» supports their beliefs or not. This is positive so that they can find positive values ​​in their friends and adopt them, that they are a reflection and a complement of what makes them better and not worse. When your child finds a good friend, clearly express your approval, and help your child find the time and means to develop friendship. If your child begins to develop a friendship that you think could be harmful, step in and set very clear limits as to the extent to which your child can or cannot interact with the other child, and under what circumstances.

Scheduling fun time is a good way for your child to enhance their social skills and make making friends a priority for them. You can create a circle of friends by encouraging playtime with children from the neighborhood or children other than those from school. Invest time in some quality snacks and snacks, and you’ll cultivate the friendships that can stay with your child throughout school, maybe even for life. Friends from the same class at school can provide important social and emotional support, not to mention the occasional help that a good friendship provides at different times in school life.

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