Developing creativity in children

Children’s creativity is a skill that must be constantly promoted. It is more of a constant exercise than an innate talent; since it is something that we can develop in them, as parents we can stimulate it through different strategies that can be included in the daily routine. If we stimulate it, our children may not develop their creativity in the best way. All boys and girls are born with a great capacity to use their imagination and create. However, over the years it happens that it is lost and in some cases it disappears completely. It disappears because we make some mistakes in our way of educating that little by little destroy children’s creativity capacity or because we develop their logical thinking a lot but we do not do the same with their creative side and their spatial development.

The ability to create implies creating ways of thinking, acting, creating solutions to problems, new ways of doing things, of relating, etc. If we limit creativity to certain facets we are limiting ourselves. In addition, creativity is a unique and personal act, consisting of creating what is satisfying and good for you, creating forms of action where you feel comfortable, that allow you to express yourself and be. Children need a lot of help from their parents in order to develop the ability to produce ideas that lead to creativity. It has been said that creativity is creating original ideas and children can develop this ability based on the dedication of their parents in attention and care.

Some elements or activities that we can keep in mind so that our children develop our creativity and imagination without limits, without stopping them or preventing them from creating a new world full of imagination.

  • Allowing children to make mistakes is one of the fundamental steps in order to promote their creativity, since for us it may be a mistake, but for them the best way to acquire good learning.
  • Reading stories to children before bedtime is an appropriate option for them to develop their imagination and with it the creativity to carry out various activities.
  • Parents and teachers should be people who are responsible for creating a safe environment for children to be creative, a place where there are no yelling, offenses and much less insults towards people.
Illustration of kids concept

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