Teaching gratitude to our children

Gratitude isn’t taught by just doing activities, telling our kids to be thankful, or telling kids not to forget to say thank you very much. This is the first step, but gratitude is a wonderful attribute that can make a huge difference in life from childhood to adulthood. There are various studies done on the benefits of gratitude agree that having an attitude of gratitude in life helps people to be happier. People who are genuinely grateful have better friendships and relationships, are calmer, more positive, and live better.

Remember how good you feel each time you are grateful and imagine a life for your children in which that attribute is the guide of their actions. Imagine your kids being happy because their friends won a competition or because their brother managed to qualify for the swim team. Gratitude is not taught from one day to the next and it is not the same to know how to say thank you than to be a grateful person, this is something that takes time, even as adults we must recognize that sometimes we ourselves are not grateful or not grateful enough But the sooner we begin to teach children the importance of gratitude, and give them examples of how to be grateful, the more opportunities they have to receive the benefits that gratitude brings.

It is important for children’s emotional health that they learn to recognize their feelings and express what is happening to them. Let them understand that if they are angry, it is okay to get angry and express anger, but there are ways to do it. Also in this way they will learn to know what it is to feel grateful. One way to play is to ask the children to find pictures in magazines that reflect different emotions. Ask them to glue the images onto the pages of a book that you can make by folding sheets in half and gluing them together. They too may want to draw their own pictures reflecting specific emotions. They must learn to know themselves so that they can express themselves correctly in the world, in this case they must recognize how they feel in order to express and know what gratitude is.

It is not an easy process, but it is a necessary one for our children to develop emotionally and express gratitude in their day to day life.

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