When to stop using a diaper

There are parents and even professionals who insist on removing their diapers early, just because «it’s their turn» or to «take advantage of the good weather.» In reality, the diaper is not removed from children when it «touches», but when they are ready. It seems that society forgets that children have their own evolutionary rhythm and doing things before they are ready is not taking one step forward, it is taking two steps back.

At 2 years of age, the diaper is not removed, or at least not in all cases. They do not need intensive «training» of a weekend or even a few weeks. You don’t have to scold them when once they learn it, it escapes them… You don’t have to punish them, much less make them feel bad because it has escaped them. Children need time and their own pace, and at two years old it is not necessary to force them to go through the bad process of putting off the diaper when they are not yet ready. The diaper is left when they are ready and NOT when you want them to leave it.

When a child stops using diapers it is a great achievement in his life and it is a very important change both physically and emotionally, it is very important that it be done well and that the child is not traumatized with bad manners, yelling or punishment just because it is not going how fast we would like it to be …

It is a complex process and as parents, you must identify when your children are ready to ask for it, identify when they feel like it, know if they are able to differentiate pee from poop, assess whether they are prepared to wear underwear without being bothered or noticed rare, to help them increase their self-confidence so that they are able to master this milestone perfectly, but only, when they are ready. Don’t expect your child to learn toilet training overnight… you don’t want them to do it as fast as your friend’s child. Each child has his own rhythm and his own times. There are children who are ready at two years of age, but there are also children who are ready at 3 or others at 4, and absolutely nothing happens! The one that takes the longest will not have development problems in the future, far from it, that is simply its rhythm.

It is important that you pay attention to the signals that your child gives you. For example, if he is able to spend more than three hours with a dry diaper, if he can raise and lower only his pants, if he is able to sit in the same position for more than three minutes, if he has good motor movement and if he can anticipate that has poop or pee. It usually takes a year to learn and more than 75% of children are not able to go to the bathroom on their own until they are 6 years old … so don’t be in such a rush to remove the diaper! Also, the diaper is not left completely, doing so will never be the right thing to do. The diaper will have to be removed at some times of the day but not all the time. And the one at night should not be removed until there is good control during the day.

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