Cartoons that teach children

Cartoons are one of children’s favorite entertainments. It is a very fun educational resource that also has many benefits for their cognitive development. Cartoons stimulate children’s imagination, while helping them build new concepts, expand their vocabulary, and improve social skills. In addition, they are an excellent tool to transmit positive values ​​to the little ones. Obviously, for children to be able to take advantage of these advantages, it is important to choose the titles of the cartoons well. Not only must they be appropriate for their age and maturity level, they must also offer quality content that encourages learning and critical analysis. In Children’s Stage we propose some of the most educational cartoons ideal for the little ones at home.

  1. Charlie and Lola: This is a television adaptation of children’s books by English writer Lauren Child. The story tells the daily relationship of two siblings, Charlie, twelve, and Lola, five, a bond with which many children with siblings will feel identified from the first moment. An excellent bet for the little ones at home since it is a series full of teachings that transmits many positive values ​​and good role models.
  2. Doctor Mcstuffins: This animated series from the creator of «Strawberry Shortcake: Adventures in Tutti Frutti» tells the story of Doc, a 6-year-old girl who is dedicated to caring for and fixing the toys in her collection, with whom she can communicate thanks to a magic stethoscope. It is a series that exudes fantasy and in which there is no lack of fun adventures for children to let their imaginations fly, but it also teaches them some lessons for their daily life. With the «Doctor Toys» children will learn to treat their toys with more care, at the same time they will understand the importance of friendship and companionship. However, one of her greatest achievements lies in making children lose their fear of visiting the doctor and understand the importance of leading a healthy life.
  3. Peppa pig: A couple of chapters of this cartoon series are enough for most children to become fond of the daily adventures of this pink pig, her family and friends. A very complete series that combines good values ​​and knowledge with a dose of good humor so that children have fun while they learn. Without a doubt, a perfect tool to instill in the little ones some positive habits, transmit new concepts and teach them different games adapted to their age.
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