Teaching math to children

One of the first math skills children learn in school, once they know how to add and subtract, is to multiply. Multiplication is nothing more than a shortcut to getting large sums more quickly, which means that it does not require a lot of memory but a good dose of reasoning. However, as the most usual thing is to ask the children to memorize the multiplication tables, they get to have problems since they do not want to spend enough time to practice daily so that they can memorize them correctly. Sometimes the methods and shortcuts to learn them only generate more confusion and stress in children, that is why today we are not going to give you shortcuts but advice to find a way to teach your children the multiplication tables.

One of the most frequent mistakes parents make in the education of their children is to teach them content for which they are not yet ready. So the first step in teaching your multiplication tables, and probably one of the most important in not setting a negative precedent, is determining the appropriate time. The child will be prepared when he is mature enough to take on new content and has acquired essential knowledge such as addition and subtraction. Another factor that we often forget but that is essential is motivation, it is essential that the child is motivated to learn to multiply.

Most children like to understand the why of things, they are passionate about discovering what they are for, in this way they are motivated. That is why it is essential that, rather than giving her the tables so that she can learn them by heart, you explain that multiplication is nothing more than the successive addition of the same number and that it is very useful for taking quick accounts. Only when the child understands the usefulness of multiplication can she make sense of learning the tables. We can remember as adults what it cost us to learn the multiplication tables and it is because they always reminded us that mathematics is very important but they did not explain what it consisted of, why it would serve us in the future and this is what we must teach our children, to find use in something new that we are teaching them.

Parents, and even some teachers, often think that learning to multiply is equivalent to memorizing, but this is a serious mistake. Tables are actually the last thing you should learn. You should start with very simple and basic multiplication first, such as 2X2, 2X3, or 3X3. It’s about developing the ability to multiply and understanding the underlying process. To work on the concept of multiplication, you must indicate that it is the successive sum of the same number, so that 2X3 means 2 times 3; that is: 3 + 3. And so on. Multiplication is not only logical, it also requires a good dose of practice, so the child will reinforce the knowledge acquired and at the same time, increase confidence in their abilities. Any place is good to practice, especially outside the home, so that you understand the importance of this new skill.

Inspiring our children through support and love will help them adopt new easier skills, we must constantly remind our children of the magic of mathematics and how it makes our lives easier.

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