How to teach children to talk

Babies begin to say their first words between 11 and 14 months, although it is not something that is always the case since each one has their own learning rhythm and they can begin to speak sooner or later and that everything is fine in their development . As a parent, it is normal for you to want to hear their first words. For this, we want to explain what you should do to help your child speak soon. The first thing we must bear in mind is that to learn to speak, the baby’s brain must relate objects with their names. The child’s tongue and lips must have the dexterity to form words by producing certain sounds. Some babies begin to speak before their first birthday, but others find it more difficult to control language and movement of the lips, tongue, and jaw, although they can fully understand what is being said.

The baby will begin to experiment with noises at a few months of age, with simple sounds like “oooh” and “aaah” that are repeated. When she is about three months old, she will begin to babble a mixture of repeated sounds, for example, ‘poop’ or ‘gaga’. She may even mumble ‘ma ma’ or ‘pa’ pa ‘, although she still won’t refer to’ mama ‘or’ papa ‘, she’s just experimenting with sounds. Around nine months, she will begin to babble more complexly. Although you probably won’t use any words yet, you will have mastered the rhythm and tone of actual speech. Once you say your first word, your vocabulary may pick up speed quite quickly. By the time she’s around 18-24 months, she’ll even raise her voice at the end of words to indicate a question.

Before your baby starts talking, she will start communicating with you. They may raise their arms for you to support them, shake their head to say no, or point to something they want you to bring them close to. Acknowledge and respond to this communication early to motivate your child and boost their communication skills. Being understood will be your main motivation to learn new ways of communicating. When she tries to talk to you or babble, start a conversation with her so you don’t know what she is saying, in this way you will stimulate her to start talking early.

At 123pormi we do not want to pressure and we must recognize that the development of each baby is different, we want to give little tips to stimulate the growth of babies in a healthy and fun way.

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