The world of a newborn baby

When a baby comes into the world, it reaches a place unknown to him. All the sounds and lights you perceive are new and you cannot interact with your surroundings because you do not yet have the ability to do so. But although he does not interact, he perceives the world in many ways and learns from everything that happens around him.

The newborn pays attention to everything that happens in his environment and thanks to everything he perceives, the baby feels, thinks and learns. If you think that the life of the newborn is totally passive, you are wrong! His mind goes a thousand an hour assimilating all the new information it receives from the outside and from its main caregivers. The world is full of stimuli for the little ones and they are able to recognize their mother’s face and voice, to distinguish known shapes, to appreciate sounds … As he develops all his senses, he perceives the world with enthusiasm because in a few weeks he will be able to interact with the environment with much more skill.

There is nothing more beautiful in the baby’s world than the face of its mother. Babies, at birth, distinguish few shapes, they usually see lights and shadows, but they recognize their mother’s face despite the fact that their vision is not quite clear, and it is the most beautiful thing they have seen in their life! Mom and Dad’s faces calm them, comfort them and make them really happy. In addition, little ones can see patterns and enjoy looking at what gives them visual pleasure. The sense of smell is very important at birth, so they have it well developed.Thanks to smell they can smell the natural aroma of mom and start breastfeeding, smelling the milk from mommy’s nipple. Smell is survival and that is why the little one will be able to perceive all the smells of the environment, make sure that your home always smells good! Also, you will quickly learn what daddy’s smell is.

Newborns are very sensitive to the energies in their environment, but above all they are sensitive to the feelings that mom has. When mother is more tired or irritable, the little one will be restless, but she will not do it to tire mother more, but because she feels that internal anguish that the mother has at some point. The newborn is connected to her mother and all her emotions so she can experience the same sensations such as fear, stress, peace, tranquility, happiness.

We have always seen a new life or a baby like this human being that brings joy and happiness to our lives, but we don’t always think about what we are or mean to a baby when it is newborn. Well, today’s post helps us to remind ourselves day by day of the value of the sentimental bond between a baby and her parents.

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