Academic pressure in children

All parents want the best for their children, but sometimes that desire for everything to be okay causes parental behavior to be inappropriate. For children to meet the academic expectations imposed by society and that parents want them to meet so that they can advance academically, the school years must get good grades on tests and exams and this will allow parents to put some pressure on their little ones . Many parents put a lot of pressure on their children to get perfect grades, no matter what happens along the way. This is dangerous for the emotional health of any child because they would be subjected to totally unnecessary stress and anxiety in childhood.

Also, this pressure around school and performance can backfire as it will lead to a child feeling social, emotional, and physical stress. If a child is not well emotionally, it will be difficult for him to feel the motivation to advance in other areas, he needs to be well and realize that he is capable of achieving what he sets out to do with the right effort, but how? Supporting him emotionally in what he needs and making him see that mistakes are not problems, they are learning opportunities to improve … and that is that children are not the marks they get in school exams.

The pressure that parents exert on children is always well-intentioned because they want their children to be successful in school, but often, these parents are influenced by a culture that places too much value on a grade. High scores are not always the right thing to do for a child to be successful in adult life. A child will need to be able to adequately work on Emotional Intelligence both at home and at school to be able to develop from empathy and assertiveness and that in this way, the day he becomes an adult, he can be a successful person, knowing that he can achieve what is proposed, regardless of what society tells him around him … because whoever wants something, will only have to make an effort to achieve it. At 123pormi we want to invite you to every time your children encounter an obstacle or are concerned about a grade that Eno has managed to achieve or achieve, REMEMBER, the grade is not the most important thing, if your child needs more time to study let him know that the most important thing is that you learn and enjoy the learning experience from love and not from frustration.

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