Benefits of drawing for children

One of the ways that children express their emotions and creativity is through drawing. Several studies have shown that the benefits of drawing for children are many. Increased self-esteem, improved psychomotricity and higher appreciation of art are just some of them. So when you see your child drawing on the wall, the floor or in unconventional places, buy him a notebook, colors and allow him to express himself. Some of the benefits of painting and drawing for children are:

1.Encourages communication with adults: For children, drawing and painting are a way of expressing themselves with which they operate better than with verbal language. In fact, experts recommend paying close attention to the drawings they create.

  1. Increase self-esteem: As children learn to draw and paint, they feel better about themselves. In this sense, we must bear in mind that, in addition, there are no rules in the drawing that clearly indicate what is right and what is wrong and, therefore, can lead to frustration.
  2. Contributes to relaxation: Drawing relaxes both the smallest and the oldest. This is so because it allows evasion and the expression of certain feelings.
  3. It improves psychomotricity: The fact of picking up a pen, a marker, a pencil or a brush helps boys and girls to train and regulate the movements of the wrist and hand. And this will subsequently have a very positive impact on tasks such as writing.
  4. Fun: Having fun is essential for both young and old. Drawing, as it belongs to the field of creativity, allows creating new worlds in which everyone is possible: pink trees, square peaches, flying houses, etc.
  5. It can serve as therapy: For many of the reasons explained in previous points, such as the contribution to the improvement of communication capacity, creativity, etc., it can serve as therapy because the mental rest it generates reduces stress and induces relaxation and happiness.
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