Books for curious children

Children when they are young usually learn from their models or roles, in some cases, these can be their parents, older siblings, teachers or people who inspire them. One of the activities that we most want to see our children adopt is a love of reading and a fascination with explaining the world. Now we live in a time where children are increasingly curious and have access to the internet at all times, but many more children are adapting to the world of reading that leads them to know a new perspective of the world or that explains new activities that they can do. This is why today we will tell you about 5 books that teach children in a dynamic way.

  1. Engineering Academy: Space. It is useful to introduce Primary students to everything that surrounds space: planets, universes, or black holes, among other issues. Written by a scientific popularizer, it is considered a hybrid book and is in box format (which transforms into a launch pad for a 50-centimeter rocket), in which theory is combined with games, crafts or pieces of cardboard. removable, plus items like nuts or bolts for readers to make their own spaceship. This book is a classic for all who want to be scientists and discover the wonders of the world.
  2. Climate change: The climate emergency on the planet is already a reality, but what do we know about the greenhouse effect? ​​How are fossil fuels generated? Or what needs to be done to stop climate change? This book explains in an informative way, through illustrations and data, all these questions delving into the origin of the problem and the influence of human beings on climate change. Although it may sound like a very direct book that can bore children, it is a book explained in a simple way with graphic supports to explain a current situation to children.
  3. Olga’s secret: Olga is a girl who lives in the Earth of the future, a planet with all natural spaces protected and forbidden for human beings and in which contamination is found in every corner. Her sister suffers from lung disease due to the state of the air and needs to find a solution to her problem. For this, she will resort to the spirit of the forest that lives on top of a mountain. The work has been awarded the X Children’s Narrative Prize of the City of Malaga. This is a book that shows children a new perspective on life, where we do not have the right to enjoy all the advantages that the planet has because of how much we have polluted it.
  4. One and a half minute monsters: Almudena Cid has become one of the most outstanding Spanish referents in the world of rhythmic gymnastics. Since her retirement she has been dedicated to acting and has also authored stories like the serie Olympia ’series, inspired by her own life. This illustrated album covers a theme that transcends sport: overcoming fears. Through the story of a gymnast with stage fear, she will discover to the little ones the way to face new challenges. This is a book dedicated to all the fears of a minute and a half that children have, that little by little they can overcome. The author explains how safe in the moment seems so great that we do not dare to overcome the moment because fear controls us, but the courage within us wins over that fear.
  5. Todomio University: Mr. Smirth wants to transmit to her son Primo what, in her opinion, are the values of life: greed and selfishness. After multiple failed attempts, they decide to send him to the University of Todomío, where everything goes to be the first. Primo, with his sensitivity and innocence, will succeed in changing a very imperfect educational and social system. In addition to transmitting values, this work will reveal the work of Roald Dahl, since it is a clear tribute to the children’s author: the illustrations it contains, by Adriano Gon, simulate the strokes of Quentin Blake, the draftsman of many of the titles of Dahl. We could say that in the list of books this is the most special, because it presents an alternative reality to what we should do and the author somehow presents Primo as a hero, where he shows how we should act correctly, Primo becomes the role model for adults.
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