Roxy Rex: The last unisaurus rex

Two of the creatures that most attract children’s attention when they are small are dinosaurs and unicorns, one of these were creatures that actually lived on our planet millions of years ago, these are dinosaurs, and unicorns are known as creatures mythological that we see in multiple books and movies. Some children can generate a bias where they believe that dinosaurs as fierce and powerful creatures can only be liked by boys and like unicorns being magical and colorful creatures they can only be liked by girls. Well, a little girl named Rea, daughter of the author Eva Chen, asks her mother one day: If I am a girl, can I only like unicorns and not dinosaurs? Rea was worried because according to her classmates at school they cannot like your two favorite animals. Luckily, her mother told her how she can like whatever she wants, and to justify that a dinosaur and a unicorn can live in unity, she wrote the book: Roxy Rex, the last Unitarian Rex, a creature half tyrannosaurus rex, half unicorn.

Roxy Rex takes us on his adventures and days as the last unisaurus, where his mother the tyrannosaurus teaches him to have a big appetite, to constantly smile to show his huge teeth and to solve his emotional problems with his roar. On the other hand, her father the unicorn gave her her beautiful mane, her horn and all her glitters. With this book Eva Chen intended not only to teach children that a dinosaur must necessarily be a boy because it is rough and powerful and like a unicorn because it is sensitive and colorful it should not be a woman, it can also be a man and as these two animals they can like anyone regardless of your gender.

This is the perfect book to teach your children that they have power in their hands, they can find magic in anything, just because they are girls or boys nobody can tell them that they should like it.


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