Multicultural children books

With the #BlackLivesMatter movement, multiple aspects of our daily lives have been questioned, since without realizing it we have created a world and a normality where racism has been justified and we have done something that we should be proud of as our differences, a disadvantage for a part of the planet’s population. With this national movement, the initiative for change and support from multiple perspectives to different races. That is why today at 123pormi we want to bring attention to children’s books where the protagonist is colored, to present a new multicultural perspective to our children, who are surrounded by creations such as Disney where 1 in 20 princesses is colored, will receive see more inclusion in our children’s learning. Next we will see some of our recommended books:

  1.  A lullaby of summer things:

Join a loving multiracial family as they wind down from a perfect beach day. From hanging up towels, eating dinner, and getting ready for bed, each activity sparks a memory of their day: Playing catch with the dog, chasing waves, and looking at sailboats along the shore. A Lullaby of Summer Things is a warm and lyrical book that will lull your little ones to sleep nicely.


2. The word collector.

“Some people collect stamps. / Some people collect coins. / Some people collect art. / And Jerome? Jerome collected words.” Follow little Jerome as he discovers the magic of the words all around him — short and sweet words, multi-syllable words, and those that sound like little songs. NY Times bestseller The Word Collector is a wonderful celebration of words and their power to connect and transform.


3. I am loved.

This beautiful collection of poems celebrates the importance to feel loved. With vibrant illustrations by Newbery honoree Ashley Bryan, I Am Loved sends this important message to young, old, parent, child, grandparent, and friend alike: You are loved. One page is mirrored, so young readers can see that they themselves are loved.


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