Board games for children from 4 to 6 years old.

This age is marked by the transition from preschool to primary education and it is precisely this that will determine their behavior and therefore their way of having fun. As children grow up, it is a perfect time to enhance different skills that they acquire with age, but it is also very important that they do not lose perspective and take advantage of playing in the most playful sense of the word.

Games will help them develop their personality, interact with family and friends, and even learn to manage their emotions. What’s more, if you play with them forget about always letting them win as it is likely that many times you have done so far, not only because at this age they already perfectly realize that you do it but also because it is interesting that they learn little by little that many Sometimes things are lost in life and nothing happens. They will strive to improve and will gradually learn to manage their frustration.

Some games to stimulate our children are:

  1. Role playing: Role playing is still a reference for them at this stage, so you can help them set up a small theater in which to move around telling a story, make up a case and try to find out if they have become detectives or just make up that they are animals or characters from your favorite story and let the adventures arise alone.
  2. Logic and creativity games: Conventional activities are tangram puzzles if they prefer something calmer, but you can also propose creating their own comic so that they develop their creativity, write a diary in which they tell how they feel and what they do. or make collages in which you give free rein to your imagination; Or make them move by playing to assemble your own choreography if they like dancing or creating their own version of the traditional Twister.
  3. Board games: If you are looking for board games to practice with the language, Palabrea can be very fun because it consists of searching for words thanks to double-sided letters that show on one side a symbol of the category to which it refers that term and on the other, three letters of different colors with which to guess the combination. Dobble is another one of the best known to make them keep their attention at all times since they will need it if they want to be the fastest to discover which is the drawing that appears in the pile of letters in the center that is repeated in the card they have in their hand; and the Who is who? It will force them to be as observant and accurate as possible to win the game.


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