Explain racism and discrimination to our children.

Following the murder on May 25 of George Floyd by a policeman in the State of Minnesota, in the United States, millions of people around the world (but especially in the United States) have demonstrated against racism and xenophobia. This act unleashed multiple events by the authorities where they have abused power to violence people of color. At 123pormi ls we want to remember that acts of discrimination against another human being should not be tolerated and should be spoken, as a result of this the #BlackLivesMatter movement was born, which aroused encouragement and support on the part of some people, as well as denial on the part of from others who said that not only lives of color matter, but they all matter. This is a time to tell our children, teach them that tolerance is love and that despite all lives matter, at this time some need us more than others because they live in a world where their skin color defines their safety in your day to day. Remember that to remain silent on the subject is to be complicit. So today we will tell you some things what we can do with our children to talk about discrimination and especially racism.

  1. Make the experiences of our children in their first years of life something positive, lay foundations of tolerance, love and compassion. Fortunately, children at this age have an almost innate initial advantage: they have an innocent indifference to what distinguishes people. Although it is true that they are aware of the ways in which we differ, they are not born identifying people with a race, a particular ethnic group or a gender.
  2. It is important not to overdo it, being simple, brief and honest when we can be. It is equally essential to keep in mind that children generally have a peculiar vision of the world, and sometimes they may ask something that seems strange to us, but for them it is crucial for their understanding. And although they are curious questions, they cannot be trivialized. Our children can grasp when we lie or when we do not fully explain something, this can confuse them, this is why we must explain what is happening around them.
  3. Now in the age of technology where they can consume easy information, it is essential to help them understand what they see or hear. For which it is important to maintain a neutral language, since at this stage it is also normal that they can begin to capture biased opinions between what they know and love.
  4. As fathers and mothers, if for example we witness that our child engages in hate speech or biased thinking, the fundamental thing is to talk to her. We must keep in mind that as our children grow they are developing their own values, and often cannot see things in all their complexity, this is where our role as parents or as responsible adults becomes important.


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