The power of concentration on our children

When we are little, the world around us presents news every day, be it from new words, colors or sounds. This is why the concentration and attention of children is so easily diverted, this is something that we must train so that our children do not see their attention impaired in the future. All the stimuli that surround children can be positive or negative, since the high number of demands and new information that surrounds them every day can lead to a dispersion in their attention, which will mean a lack of concentration in children and a possibility of the appearance of stress symptoms.

Now it can be more difficult for parents to captivate the attention of their children, as we live in an age full of technology, a world in which children enter and are captivated by novelty. It is more difficult for parents to attract attention with activities and stimuli that for them are neutral and inconspicuous. Not all tasks and activities are fun or attractive, so it is not functional to wait for the activity to be liked by your child, but rather it is much more effective to learn the internal resources that allow effective attention and an adequate process of learning. Therefore, we consider it important that, from home, your children can learn different tools and practical tips to improve their attention and concentration.

Elements to improve the attention and concentration of children:

  1. Avoid distractions and keep the space clean and tidy. For this, in the study room designated for children, there must be as few distractions as possible. Avoid video games, cell phones or computers. Taking care of these three factors will help you redirect your attention to what is important at that moment.
  2. Do not carry out excessively long periods of time in tasks that require the child’s attention and concentration. We know this is detrimental because attention begins to decline around 50 minutes or less depending on the child’s age. This way, you can make changes to the task that help you restart your attention or take a short break to breathe silently.
  3. Good rest. It is important to rest and sleep well to be able to perform better during the day’s activities. Thus, it is convenient to perform the most difficult tasks or those that require the most attention when you are most rested, since tiredness is not a good ally for healthy care.
  4. Some activities or exercises to improve the care of our children are Montessori activities that we have already discussed in the blog, we invite you to apply them to improve the performance of our children.


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