What is Hypnobirth?

We know that for first-time mothers, the idea of ​​going through labor for the first time can be stressful, it is a process that can come out in many ways and we clearly want not only the best for our children, but for us as mothers and how it will react our body; For this, a new tertiary has been developed and implemented to make childbirth a simpler process. This technique, specially created to deal with childbirth in a simple and relaxed way, prepares the mind and body to eliminate the tensions and fears that women present when it is time to give birth.

One of the greatest fears of all women when giving birth is feeling too much pain or feeling incapable. There are different ways to avoid this pain: one of them is the famous epidural anesthesia that sleeps the entire lower part of the body to prepare it for the thrust. But for many this is not an option or they are afraid to go through this process, since it relieves pain but it is a way to give up the management of labor since there is a greater possibility of a cesarean delivery. To avoid the stress of a childbirth, the hypnopart technique has been created to calm and reassure the mother and even in joint sessions for the parents to make this stage more enjoyable.

This technique, used throughout the world today, is specially designed to relax the mind and body during childbirth, thus avoiding the typical fear-tension-pain syndrome that many women suffer. Due to the accumulation of tension and the entanglement of the entire body by the pressure and pain of each contraction, women tend to have difficulties to dilate and push. What he does is teach this technique to totally release those tensions and fears that can be felt in each phase. In this way, the woman will reach the push much calmer and calmer. Teach different tools of special breathing, deep relaxation, self hypnosis, self-affirmations and visualizations. In addition, it teaches how the body is designed to give birth in an efficient and comforting way and how the mind can work together with it during the entire birth process.

People who practice it have a faster dilation, much easier births, with few complications and in which the baby falls more easily through the canal, since all the tension that prevents it from flowing smoothly is eliminated. In addition, as a rule, they are much faster and less aggressive deliveries for all parties involved. This is a more expensive process since not everyone can do it and it is recommended to do the process in accompaniment to your doula so that in the process of childbirth it helps you to perform the established accompaniment exercises. Remember to find the best solution for your delivery, do not be afraid to try new methods so they are not recommended by your family, since each woman’s process is different.


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