Group dynamic: My life

RECIPIENTS: 12 years and older
GROUP SIZE: 20 people
MATERIALS: Ream of newspaper, pencil, colors, marker, eraser, sharpener, rulers.
• Generate important fraternal bonds in the group
• Find group support spaces
• Generate spaces for the expression of feelings and emotions.
The facilitator will give each participant half a sheet of newspaper, they must divide it into three spaces in one the past will go, in another the present and in another the future.
In no space should they write, they should only use drawings; in the space of the past they must draw a very happy aspect of their life and another very sad aspect of their life; in the present they must draw some relevant and positive aspect that they are currently experiencing and another where they are in a difficult situation and in the future they must draw one or several drawings of how they see themselves in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

In the end they should be socialized in the group.

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