Group dynamic: The traffic light of life


Persons from 6 years to 18 years.
30 -35 participants.
Cardstock, pencil, colors, eraser, clear or masking tape.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of values
  • Setting limits
  • Respect the turns of the word and deal with discrepancies in the group.
  • Reach consensual agreements through dialogue.

The person in charge of directing the activity will place the boys and girls in a circle, each child will be given a small traffic light, and a large traffic light will also be made on a sheet of cardboard to place it in the center of the circle in the floor, they are asked if they know what the traffic lights are for and once they have participated they are affirmed or complement what they say, then they are asked if they know what each color indicates in the traffic light and they are listened to, reaffirmed or complemented what they say. they express.
A case of daily life is written on some small sheets, they are informed that they will be read and that whoever knows what color of the traffic light to place it must raise their hand, if they do so affirmatively, they will be asked to explain why they place it there and in If you do not locate it assertively, you will be told that it will be read again so that you think carefully about where it is located on paper.
Each of the papers is read with the situations of daily life.

  1. Henry comes home from school, rests, and then gets his school supplies ready for the next day. Where is this situation going at the traffic light. The boys and girls are asked to say where this example should be located at the traffic light and explain why it is located there, ask what they think of that situation and so on with each of the examples.
  2. Felipe’s mother calls him to eat and he angrily tells her to take him to her room because he is busy playing video games.
  3. María is sitting on the bus and when she gets on a pregnant woman, she gives her the seat.
  4. Sebastian is upset, but he doesn’t want to act without thinking, he takes 10 seconds, breathes and mentally counts to calm down. Locate it at the traffic light.
  5. It is 10:00 p.m. and Marcela, 10 years old, is still watching television that is for adults and she has to get up early to school. Where do you place it, what do you think of this.
  6. Luisa, Clara and Tania are playing hand games, Teach them using the traffic light!
  7. Pedro and Juan do not want to do their homework. Use the traffic light in this situation to give them lights.
  8. Betty observes an injustice with one of her classmates, she first observes what is happening and runs to look for a responsible adult to ask for help. Where do you place it at the traffic light and why?
  9. Pablo yells at the parents all the time. How would you explain the rule and respect using the traffic light.
  10. Ramón came to offer psychoactive substances to his classmates. He quickly grabs the traffic light and tells them what to do.
  11. A classmate touched your classmate’s body. She uses the traffic light tool for you to protect her and set rules and limits for your partner.
  12. Manuela arrives from school and she leaves her notebooks lying on the sofa without looking at them or studying, the traffic light is a very strong tool for you to teach her what she should do, help her.
  13. Luna wants to stay in bed and in her pajamas all weekend watching TV and playing video games. Quickly go to your traffic light and tell her what she should do as her to support her in her life.
  14. Rafael talks about his classmates without respecting his individuality, what can we tell him with the stoplight.
  15. Carlitos has a pet cat and he thinks that playing is throwing it up and letting it fall to the floor. He removes the traffic light and help him to become aware of the love and respect for animals.
  16. Amanda goes out into the street and throws the rubbish on the floor and meadows, with the traffic light you can tell her that the planet belongs to everyone, how will you do it.
  17. They bully you at school, use the traffic light to protect yourself, show us how to do it.
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