Group dynamic: Alphabet

All the people who know the alphabet.
No limit of participants
Dictionaries, board, marker, or it can be a sheet of paper and a pencil.

  • Generate fraternal bonds from Interaction.
  • Find fun spaces
  • Stimulate attention among the participants.
  • Word learning
  • Expand vocabulary
  • Alphabet recognition.

This dynamic has two ways of playing, the most important of this is to have fun, interact, work under stress, learn and manage frustration to tolerance.

  • Two groups should be made (the moderator can divide them according to competencies, always looking for some to support others, also make the participants number 1 and 2, those who said 1 form one group and those who say 2 form another group, that is already left according to the needs of the group and internal dynamics of the group). The group is told the rules and the first is that this is done for fun, to interact and learn among all, which is a game, the moderator puts the letters of the alphabet in a bag. A representative from each group must come forward, the others must remain completely silent, whoever says a word to want to help their team will be given the point to the other group. Before drawing the letter, the moderator indicates who should start by saying a word with that letter, immediately the other should say another word and so on, they should not repeat, nor should they keep thinking, the word should be said immediately, the other has finished, the one who If you keep thinking, you lose a point and another participant is removed from the group. If the opposing group says it correctly, it is left until someone removes it, and they must say words with the same letter until one of the two loses.
  • Another way to play it is that two participants come out to the front, a letter is drawn from the bag and whoever first says a word with that letter wins a point for the team, they sit down and two other participants are drawn.
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