Group Dinamic: 3, 6, 9

People who know the numbers from 1 to 9.
No limit of participants

  • Allow participants to interact and socialize
  • Generate fun spaces
  • Stimulate attention
  • Identify numbers from 1 to 9

In this dynamic you can play in two different ways, according to the objective of the class and what you want to achieve with the game, the most important thing is that the boys and girls understand that it is played for fun, sharing in a group and learning tolerance to frustration.

  • All the participants are told that the most important thing in the game is to have fun and be attentive to the participation of the group, a circle is made, a moderator is appointed (does not participate), she explains the game to everyone, its rules, it is the person who points with his finger who must say the number, and the person who points cannot keep thinking about the number but must say it immediately, that whoever does not meet this requirement must leave the game and participate in another round, they can only saying the numbers from 1 to 9 whoever says a different number leaves the game and participates in another round, no one can repeat the number whoever repeats it must leave the game and also participate in another round of the game. The moderator must also pay attention to the numbers when all the numbers have been pronounced, he must say “another round” and the participants who had left re-enter.
  • Another way to play it is that once they repeat the number, they leave the game and when there are two participants left, the moderator points out with his finger who should say the number, he must pay attention to the number that the other participant repeated and the moderator can point to two times to the same participant, the objective is for them to be attentive, learn to control their stress and, of the participants, the one who repeats a number comes out, leaving only one winner of the dynamic.
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