Benefits of parchet

Parquet is a board game of Colombian origin, but with roots in Spain where it is known as «Parchís» and which in turn was derived from the old «Pachisi», from India. Etymologically it comes from the word «Parkase» and is considered the national game of India. It is also known as «Pacis», a word that means «twenty-five», the largest number that could be rolled with the dice of the time, when this playful game was originated there in the 4th century BC. according to the studies carried out on the subject, although much is disputed regarding the fact that this origin is lost in time.

At the time, 17 centuries ago, far away were the creators of what is also called «Ludo» in several Latin American countries, that, apart from a simple game and / or distraction, the parquet would become one of the therapies effective mental health today.

Board games have been one of the most popular pastimes in America for many years. Between the 18th and 19th centuries, this type of recreation became a special gift from parents to children, more for its educational value but, from the Second World War, when there was a significant rebound in the economy, people were able to buy them with greater ease. Then children’s games were invented to increase skills in reading, mathematics and motor tests and, others, to strengthen skills and to solve problems and conflicts. Today there are games for each and every age and interest.

Throughout history, board games, including parquet, have been played for entertainment, but, in the background of this playful game, specialists in psychopedagogical topics have found great virtues since it has been confirmed that they not only allow to streamline the mind Rather, those who practice it from an early age prevent diseases such as Parkinson’s and / or Alzheimer’s.

The parquet, like the other board games that include the challenge of thinking and generating strategies to achieve the goal of winning, keeps the mind active and increases the ability to learn. «You learn to follow and respect rules and increase your skills to communicate with others and help you to know your own character traits,» say scholars of playful subjects. They also affirm that in the specific case of the parquet, throwing the dice contributes to the skill in mathematics.
If you want to know how competitive you are, if you have patience, if you are a diplomat and communicate correctly, just play board games and you will see everything you can discover.

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