Pictionary and its advantages

Pictionary is a famous board game created by Rob Angel that consists of guessing a word through a drawing made on paper. The player or team that guesses the most words or phrases wins. Pictionary is a game where the only communication allowed is drawing: By teams, it consists of guessing a word by looking at the pictures our partner makes, in a race against the clock, in which the team that guesses the most words wins. The greatest difficulties are found when drawing verbs, elaborate words, or abstract nouns.

This is a very good game to set limits, since each person has to follow some rules, which are: You cannot give data on the number of letters that a word contains, you cannot use letters and numbers in the drawings, You cannot speak, you have to be totally silent, you cannot change words until you are right or time runs out, you cannot make hand signals or facial gestures that indicate how close the participant is to the answer. It is for this reason that it is a good game for young children because they have the opportunity to express their creativity, to improve their motor skills through play but at the same time they have rules and regulations to follow so that they can participate in the game.

By playing with others, children learn the art of communication. They come to recognize facial expressions and body language. They discover how to initiate and maintain conversations, and how to express their thoughts and wishes in a way that does not create problems for them and causes them to have to quit the game. We could say Pictionary is a different communication game, it allows us to express in an unconventional way, which makes our children think differently. Playing pretend is especially important for children’s communication and literacy development. The idea that a letter represents a sound is based on symbolism.

Photo by Anna Shvets on Pexels.com

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