Cranium and its advantages

Every day we are going to talk a little about a game and talk about how this game is good for the development of our children and their logic. Today we are going to talk about Cranium, this is a game released by its own company. Cranium includes a wide variety of activities: drawing, drawing with closed eyes, imitating famous artists, mimicking famous animals or people, humming songs, solving anagrams, spelling words backwards, answering general knowledge questions, molding objects or characters in clay , etc. The game admits a maximum of 4 teams, whose number of members is not limited, which is good for very large families since everyone has the opportunity to participate. There is a variety of versions of this game depending on the country in which it is sold, there is a Latin American version of this game and also a version for children. Contains various forms of games, Cards, moldable, or some more interactive than others.

Playing is not just fun and games – it is also a learning tool. Through play, children learn to interact with others and develop critical skills for the rest of their lives. That is why it is good to find games that have both logical benefits and that entertain our children.

In cranium one of the skills that the game develops the most is the aspect of social development and teamwork, since you constantly need your companions to guess or to complement something while it is your turn, it is also a game commonly played by 10 or more people then you will have to be patient and wait your turn, but it is worth it, it is a very fun and dynamic game that will work many areas of your child’s brain. From his math skills, his motor skills to draw.

One of the best skills that this game works on is creativity, the game gives children the opportunity to let their imaginations fly and create their own worlds over which they have control. Whether it is a make-believe game or a craft activity, the game offers children the freedom to explore new possibilities and think “outside the box” to come up with unique ideas, as well as creative solutions to the challenges they face. .

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