The use of board games in learning disabilities

Board games can do more than keep your child busy at school or home. They can also help with learning. Here are some great board games that help build reading, math, and fine motor skills. We must bear in mind that it always depends on the age of our children, and that is why many games make it easier for us to identify if the game is suitable for our children to play.

Zingo is a more fun variant of Bingo. Each card has a picture and a word that describes the picture (for example apple). As your child matches the picture on the card to the one on the board, he can also practice reading the words. The game also has a very neat way of storing and distributing the tiles in a holder that can help your child practice her fine motor skills. There are several versions of Zingo indicated for specific skills, including Zingo 1-2-3 that teaches number recognition and Zingo Bilingual for players who speak English and Spanish. This helps with skills such as: coordination and identification of images, fine motor skills and early reading activities.

Super Why is a very popular and award-winning show on PBS that teaches children to read. The game uses well-known characters from the animated show to work on skills such as matching uppercase T to lowercase t. Your child will also rhyme and replace nonsense words with ones that make more sense in context. Some specific skills that this game helps with are: Alphabet recognition, rhymes, phonemic awareness, basic reading.

Sequence for children, each player has a hand of cards and some chips. A player chooses a card with the image, for example, of a panda, and looks for that animal on the board. When he finds the panda he puts a token on it. When a player has 4 tiles in a row in a row, that is a winning “sequence”. Finding a picture on the full board is a lot of fun and challenging. And it can be difficult to remember which tile belongs to which player. As your child grows you can practice reading the words on the cards. Some skills that this game strengthens are: Memory, combination, visuospatial recognition and reading.

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