The importance of board games

When we talk about the importance of board games, possibly the first thing that comes to mind is the benefits that we have when playing them, as these awaken our logic and our intelligence, but from my point of view and I hope they allow me to convey them , the importance of board games goes beyond, not only from what they contribute in modernity, but what they contributed at the time they were created, many board games were created to entertain, but others were designed as a strategy of war, as teaching methods or simply as strategies to maintain crops. Its importance goes beyond what they offer us today, that is why I want to share a story, the story of the birth of chess, it seems to me something curious how a person managed to create one of the most important traditional and classic games in the world. story and I feel like it’s a story that we should all know.

«Many centuries ago, in an eastern country there lived a king who had lost his son in a battle. Because of this tragedy he had decided to lock himself in his castle and did not speak to anyone. One of his ministers called all the scientists and philosophers of the kingdom to find a possible solution to the king’s sadness. One of them invented a game of strategies, chess. The king not only smiled again but became a great master of this game. He was so happy with it invention that decided to reward the inventor with whatever he asked. The young man who had created chess asked for the following: a grain of wheat in the first square of the board, two grains in the second, four in the third, eight in the fourth, sixteen in the fifth and so on until completing the sixty-four squares of the chess board. The king, very calm, asked the mathematicians of the kingdom to calculate the number of grains of wheat that had to be paid to the boy; after a while, the Scientists came back with a big surprise:
He didn’t have all the wheat in the world to pay for the game of chess! «

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