What are board games?

We could say that board games are formally those that require support or a table to be played and that it is generally done by a group of people, this is what makes them board games, those hobbies that allow us to share through a dynamic with someone else like family and friends through healthy competition such as these games provide.
These games, although they have been marked by chance, also require strategies and reasoning. Board games are not always limited to not doing physical activity, sometimes a punishment or reward may require travel.
Board games are a fun hobby to practice with family and friends, for this it is important to take into account before starting the game that everyone understands the rules, as well as taking into account the ages not to discriminate but to define what is the appropriate game and responsive to abilities.

Throughout history, board games have represented one of the oldest recreational activities of man. And these were not only created in order to share with the family or group but with the idea of ​​awakening the reasoning, creativity and logic of the people who play.

This month we are going to talk a little about what a board game is, its categories, its benefits and some traditional and more contemporary board games and their positive characteristics.

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on Pexels.com
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