Parenting in Israel

In Israel one of the pillars in raising children is education, the child is not obliged to observe the mitzvot until he becomes an adult. However, there is the mitzvah of rabbinic origin, called «jinuch», which says that parents should educate their children to get used to doing the mitzvot and to avoid doing everything that the Torah prohibits. Traditionally, children as young as three are taught to recite the blessings of various foods and some basic prayers. That is the time when the boy begins to cover his head and wear tzitzit, and around that age, girls begin to light the Shabbat candles.

As soon as the child learns to speak, key passages are taught, such as the verse “The Torah that Moses commanded us is the legacy of Jacob’s congregation” and the Shema. And from there, education begins.

Anyone who cannot personally fulfill this obligation can delegate the honor to a teacher or to the school. However, as a sage once proclaimed: “It is an absolute responsibility that each one spends half an hour each day thinking about the Torah education of children and does everything in their power – and beyond their power. reach‒ for inspiring children to follow the path on which they are being led ”.

Although in technical terms the obligation to teach the Torah falls on the father, the most effective education is usually implemented by the mother. Since she is the one who usually spends the most time with her children and also, because she is a woman, she imparts the information with more gentleness and more patience, she is in a better position to transmit Jewish moral values.

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